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tonight my stomach is so much more swollen I cannot see , feel my belly is still hard and very is about 6 months since I told my gp (and rheumatologist in november)that I had had a cough fro 3-4 weeks and it wasn't going away and that I had lost weight on my back,face,arms and legs yet this would not show on scales cos of increase in abdominal weight.both these have not been acknowledged.why do they say see A Dr if you have had a cough for more than 3 weeks and lost weight suddenly?

i have received mixed views on whether or not my problem is just gallstones. a cyst or a tumour. my friend next door has recently lost a friend to cancer which the doctors/scans did not pick up and another told her that doctors had removed a cyst weighing 22lbs that her doctor did not diagnose nor did scans show it. Do I tell my doctor that it can happen that cysts don't show on scans,( I have already showed him articles and stories of people who have had such cysts).

i believe my problems started in sept 2011 when everything got a lot worse and as I was only diagnosed with gallstones in january this year by a private clinic.the question i have is why didn't my DR test for gallstones ?for the last 18 months + it is like they haven't listened to me or taken me seriously..

one of my dogs is acting totally out of character this last week and my older dog has started to sleep on my bed every night and cuddle up close -something he didn't usually do-not often anyway. they both hate me leaving them so I do believe they sense something is amiss.

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Morning A

You are obviously very worried by this swelling of your tummy. Now I do not have any experience other than my own body so what I SAY IS ONLY A SUGGESTION. I am having trouble with my tummy - for the last four weeks it swells by the evening it is large and round - no I am not pregnant it is firm but goes away over night. I think it is either todo with a wheat intolerance or may be because of my lymphodema bandagoing sending fluid up into the tummy. Now this may not be of any use to you I just thought it might give you another line of thinking could it be a wheat intolerance? Why not gine up wheat for a bit and see if there is any differance. What ever you do dont hold me to it i JUST read your blog and thought it might help xgins


Hi gins

good to hear from you.i don't hold anything against anyone -appreciate their views and help.this place is the only place I get support and advice more than my DR is giving me at the moment i did have hair strand tests last year and they tested 300 different things.none really showed me allergic to/having intolerance to anything.i have cut out wheat cereals in my breakfast and see if things improve.i don't really eat much of anything else with wheat in or anything in excess


Go back to your doctor and demand tests. Say you are having to sit every night in bed because of the pain.EXAGGERATE........break down in tears.......

I know this sounds extreme but I have a similar problem, swollen belly, tenderness in upperabdomen/sternum area, indegestion and pain on lying down.

I wento gp last wednesday and I have an appt for endoscopy in two days time. I think it was partly because he asked if there was any bowel cancer in my family and my Dad had it and I also mentioned that my grandad had stomach cancer.. GP moved pretty quick after that, faxing the form through to the hospital.

Now, it is true about my relatives and I am not suggesting anyone should lie to get quicker treatment but............................


hello spidey

thanks fro your reply.i have had endoscopy and colonoscopy(don't know if that's the right name)about 15 months ago-could be longer and all the scans but they kept saying nothing was wrong.i have broken down in tears on a few occasions telling him I cannot cope with the size of my stomach anymore and have told him on several occasions verbally and in writing that scans don't always show cysts/OC because of all the stories I have read in magazines and on the se websites.i know fro a fact that can happen as I mentioned in my original blog.

no point in calling dr today ,as it is impossible to get thru by I need to see a dr about my scalp.cough and my \DR is on leave I will have to see someone else .


I would see a different doc and get another opinion. I had he same symptoms for a few years and was always in pain.. My gp at he time said there was nothing wrong but i was still.worried so saw a diff doc and rite away he saw there was a problem. He got me in to see a gynie and went there but saw an arrogant consultant he said i was too young to have problems (was only 25) so he wrote me off. Again went back to doc as really was not happy and just knew something was up he sent me to another gynie and he did test and i had cervical.cancer that had now by this point had spreat to my womb. I was booked in for an emergency hysterectome a week later. I was 25 had no children either.... Now i dnt trust many docs

So would advise seeing a diff doc for another opinion also dogs are suppose to scent when somthing is up with there owner, not wanting to scare you by all this but rather its said so u can get loked at properly xx


I couldn't get an appt to see a dr as they said they are fully booked but I have got an appt with a nurse practitioner on thurs .she can probably give me something fro my scalp but I don't think she can diagnose anything but told to try again in the morning incase any not scared -well maybe just a tiny bit-just want some answers and fro someone to recognise symptoms.i know my dogs sense something.


I was the same as u hun when i had my tummy troubles to have an answer was such a relief but to go through it was hard. I hope u can get an appointment. Peace off mind always makes us feel better and lessen the anxiaty (exuse the spelling brain fog) hope u get ye answers yoir needing xx


I will phone drs in morning and say its kind of an emergency!!or maybe go to A&E

my staffie X Annie cuddled up to me on the sofa and kept pawing at me as if to say " I know something is up" and its like my Buster was crying-whether it was for me or because he was in pain I'm not sure.i wish may would hurry up and come round so can get my gallstones sorted or ask Dr if he can get the appt brought forward.i am sure gallstones are not all the reason fro tummy troubles.


so I got an appt with my Dr yesterday and I must have been his last patient of the day as he spent a bit more time with me.after last time when he said my chest was fine this time he said it was rattling(?)got some antibiotics .had a bit of a discussion about problems but when I told him I had lost weight on my arms legs and bum and he weighed me he said its the same as you were 6 months ago so I said yes but my stomach has got bigger and heavier.i have another appt booked in april by the practice manager to sort things out and fro this I have written everything down so I don't forget anything.


yesterday I wrote another letter to my DR telling him of 2 instances which my friend and neighbour told me a friend of hers had texted her saying she had had a 22lb ovarian cyst removed which hadn't shown on any scans .she also has recently lost a friend to cancer which was not detected.another friend told me the same story .However I didn't get to drop it into the surgery today-my dogs walked me for 2 hours this morning including a play in the park and it has taken me all day to recover. sorry if I have gone on about this before I cant remember if have or not


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