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cant sleep

not sure what community to post this in.

stayed up to watch a film and have spent the last hour and half trying to get to sleep.not cos I stayed up a bit later than usual but cos of symptoms and questions going round and round in my head.still coughing when I lie down at night and my neck is tight and lumpy-enlarged glands??

what I have going around in my head is why am I still being given meds for IBS and bowel problems when I have never had any.i know I am repeating stuff but (what I wrote just got deleted and cant remember what I wrote)btu why when my gp only mentioned IBS in his letter to DWP when claiming ESA and if he is so adamant I have IBS why didnt he ever prescribe meds for it?and why when I saw a gp recently cos couldn't swallow did she then prescribe Buscopan which I looked up and found it to be a med for IBS?then I was given Fybrogel after being diagnosed with diverticulitis .another preparation for bowel problem(IBS?).my bowels have always been normal as I have told them over and over.none of these meds are doing anything to reduce my stomach and I wonder if they are doing more harm than good as my stomach is in fact increasing in size and hardness which to me says it has to be something else.i am talking of 3 stone+ in weight .it got worse after I had my gallbladder removed and other members at that time said that cos no longer have gallbladder its to do with bile and enzymes so its possible something else is being missed.

I am hoping when I see the consultant about my hands he /she will recognize the swelling etc and tell me it is acromegaly and I when I see my gp on 26th im going to ask for referral to ENT to remove nasal bone growth and also to ask him to have bone growth removed from my foot as i cant get my shoes on and I cannot walk cos of it being so sore .

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So so sorry your feeling this way. I'm only new in the fibro and chronic fatigue, only diagnosed last week!

Hope fully your next gp visit, I usisally write down all the questions I want answered, and show them that these are the symptoms o.n an ongoing basis! I wouldnt leave the cljinic until you get your andwere


Hello Katie.

In have almost always written down what. I need to ask discuss etc and sometimes. On showing them to gp he has glanced at them but not commented.constant visits to get answers ask simple questions and complaining to the practice manager - they threatened me with removing me from the surgery yet gp(and consultants)"get away" with non or misdiagnosis.


Hello there

I hope this message does nt wake you if your now fast asleep

I have had my gall bladder removed but I actually suffer with sphincter of oddi dysfunction but before diagnosis I was thought to have IBS and given colafac tablets and peppermint oil capsules and losec . I was told that 40% of people who have gall bladder removed suffer with some form of IBS . It sounds like you need to see your Gp or another dr at the surgery to clarify your medication and referral to gastroenterogist as well as what you suggested . I do understand how awful it can be going backward and forwards and feel like your getting no where . I hope things improve for you and wish you lots of luck nice to have met you take care squeak xx


Hello squeak.I wrote my reply to you but lost it when flicking up to reread your reply and lost it.I sat up til 4am watching Jeremy kyle USA enough to send any one to sleep!!! I mentioned to m gp about sphincter of oddi - he said nothing but a hospital Dr ddi explain to me about it at one time I attended A&E.I told my gp that my stomach was more swollen after the gallbladder op but said nothing?I have not had IBS symptoms and he never prescribed meds yet other GPS have given me meds for IBS when seeing them for totally different reasons.I woke this morning with pelvic pain,stinging in hands and evident swelling.a new symptom is my elbows more deformed and painful.thanks for your advice and kind words.I am still going to persist and try and get referrals.anbuma.

Waiting for my elder dog to stir so can take them out.


It is a desperate situation if your watching the USA VERSION Of JK ! LoL

Although I will secretly watch it at925am but is it me or has he become almost tired of his guests. I would hate to call him a bully but ........

Enjoy your walk with the dogs love squeak xxx


Hi squeak.

I to watch JK every morning.some shows are emotional .the american shows are nothing more than slanging matches.there is always shouting and screaming.my Buster finally stirred at 7.30.so got ready to go out and wa


Sorry about that Squeak.sure my tablet has a mind of its own.I hit the keys and then words are misspelt I get letters appearing which are nowhere near the letter I have hit??then my post disappears before I have finished.as I was saying got ready to go out and we only got as far as the leisure centre 2 mins walk away.and he Was slower than normal and wandered round and round the football field,out for an hour jus walking around in circles.I put that down to him being quite lively yesterday when he was having a run about.like me he has he good day and then suffers the next.


Sorry you are feeling so bad and agree speak to you GP or specialist. Gentle hug


Ask to go for MRI or x ray of the stomach, swelling continuing to to increase does not sound good to me. I don't want to scare you but I have a friend who had a swelling sounds like what your experiencing it was a vrry large ovarian cyst, vlose to bursting, operated on just in time. INSIST on a referal or change surgeries if they don't refer you. or just go to A&E yourself. Good luck x


Here goes again.lost my reply again.I have had numerous scans etc over the last 2-3 Years and they keep saying everything is normal.yet its said ovarian cysts are difficult to detect,but they have given me no other reason and not accepted when I have told them it is nothing to do with diet or that the weight gain is all abdo and loss elsewhere.ii have had persistent pelvic bone pain for over a year and no reason given and how do I know it is not related to the tape inserted?I feel 3 stone + is alot to gain in one area and cant see how it can be put down to other stuff


Wow.....you really are suffering, sorry to hear this. Sounds like whenever there's a health issue, the consultants always suggest it's a bowel problem, I just had a consultant do that to me, and suggested that chronic pelvic and hip pain is related to my bowel and that I should be taking a fybrogel even though I recently bought myself a Nutribullet , so I'm making myself a lot of drinks, that are packed with fibre.

I like the other posts on this site, suggest that you write it all down, it's easy to forget something when you're sitting in front of the Dr, then you feel frustrated after because you didn't discuss everything that you wanted to.

And be persistent, they're there to help you, and if you're not getting the right help, then change Dr's speak to a different Dr at the surgery, get one that you feel understands your situation and is helping you.

It's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled.

Lisa xx


Hi Lisa will reply to you later.this is p...?.ing me off cos I keep losing my replies half way thru .



Dr's can be as mad as anyone else,, of that I am convinced !

I once had a GP who had a huge big double size cupboard and it was full to bursting with Impulse body spray,,,,,the one next to it was filled with tissues. That in and of it's self was not enough to think she was a little off her rocker,,,,,, but it helped me calculate a opinion after many years of questioning her oddities.

She was obsessed with your sex life,,, and constantly wanted me to go visit the STD clinic,, I was such a sweet innocent child at the time and had not even been with anyone.

I learnt many years on talking about it with friends that it was her thing… she's apparantly obsessed with men having sexually transmitted disease.

Now ,, me old mum, she was different, she wasn't mad but she treated all our childhood ailments with Milk of Magnesium,,,,,,, fell and cut your finger,,, you knew what was coming,,, Bridie with the blue bottle and a spoon,,, even the poor auld cat got it. Funny thing was,, you were always better the next day,,, even the cat if she had got over the trauma !

Perhaps your Dr's a bit like my mum,,,,,, who knows,,, or perhaps it was just an innocent comment you made in passing many years ago with your Dr about an upset tummy and he formed his diagnosis,,IBS.

He typed IBS into his computer,,, (with two fingers,, haven't seen one yet who can competantly type)

They have a quick look at your notes before you come in and perhaps IBS is highlighted in red and flashing before his eyes, so it is Obviously IBS.

I think I could do a good Little Britain sketch with that one,,, just after the two lades that vomit when they see who baked the cake!

Best Wishes, Ray

******Disclaimer: if there are any female Dr's reading this who have huge big double size cupboards full to bursting with Impulse body spray, and want to refer all their male patient's to the STD clinic.

I was not necessarily talking about you!*******

Finally: to my insane old GP Dr D------- you were a constant source of wonder !


Ha ha....I really liked your reply Ray. Sometimes in all this pain and madness, we have to look at the funny side of things.


Thank you, Blondedia,

I am not very good at sending gentle hugs, and revel in a good rant from time to time. Always in the hope it will entertain, bring a chuckle,, or sometimes even tug on someones heart string as it did when I write it.

I do however question really why the opinions of our Dr's are taken so seriously,, they are after all only fallible humans working in a what I consider a psudo science which I qualify by the fact that there is more that remains unknown than will ever be known about the human biology and life force. I think most would do well to remember this.

I have a sister in law who is insane,,, in a lovely way,,, she says that if she could only find a psychiatrist that was more sane than herself she would willingly listen to them,,,, funny thing is I think she is right!

Best Wishes, Ray


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