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granny face down in dinner

was a bit worried about family dinner this evening pictured myself falling asleep on sofa after meal but no didnt last that long sitting at table fall forward asleep on my plate. grankids though it hilariouse there used to me doxing off but not at the dinner table,only myhusband is used to me sleeping during dinner at home i do it nearly evry night now but sit on sofa and most nights he has to take plate away and lay me on sofa so i dont fall forward. next month we are all going out to a restraunt for my birthday hope i can stay awake for that one.

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oh dear i hope you managed to eat something first

is it a good ploy to get out of the washing up or do you have a dishwasher ?

your trip th the restuarant sounds l lovely idea i hope you have a lovely time


I am so sorry for the outburst of uncontrolable laughter.... Your description was so funny.... Perhaps you could swap lunch and evening meal around, on second thoughts how sympathetic is your family, obviously you would notice yourself covered in a main meal but if you swap the two meals around would they tell you if you fell asleep and woke with half a sandwich stuck to your cheek......

Thank you for such a great post what a lovely thing to wake up too



i tried swapping meals but as i can only cook with help and my husband is at work all day i only have cold food lunch time unless my daughters are off and they take me out .saterday is mc donalds with grandkids or kfc if im lucky.


KFC ...... Ohhhhhhh my nearest KFC is 40 miles away so no I don't get to have it anymore.. Yes it's my fault for living in the middle of nowhere, I NEED a drool emoticon.....

VG x




That's so funny! I had to chuckle out loud! I get that sort of desperate need to sleep too. It's overcome me at the doctors, hospital, hairdressers...My children normally give a quick explanation to whoever and then give me a wearied look. It's known as fibro-napping in our house. Still smiling as I picture your scene! S x


oh yes iv dozzed off in all sorts of places most common is on the bus luckly the bus i catch gosis in a small loop so i will evetually get home but now the drivers have got to know me and check to see if im awakw also there are regular passangers who give me a nudge.Its only when i have to go on longer journeys for appointments ect i have to have someone with me or god knows where i would end up.


I went to a pie 'n peas lunch on sunday, it was a fundraiser.

the room was warm, the chatter around me was pleasant and I started to drift... my friend dropped me off home at 2 and I slept 'till 11!



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