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how many of you feel like your head is battered with Forms

I am currently trying to complete my DLA renewal form and it is really stressing me out now. I am not too good at the minute so that is making it worse. I think it is the sheer amount of papers that are strewn across my dining table that has done it.

On the up side I had my gorgeous new sofa bed delivered yesterday It is a good qualuuity but was not cheap - I used to sell them. This now means that if I cannot get upstairs at night due to pain I can rest well on there and also once I get a date for my first bunion I have no worries either about the stairs.


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Hi bbstport

I am sorry to read that you are having problems with your forms. There are many organisations that can help you complete the forms, such as 'Disability Direct' and many others. If you go online and look for charities in your area I am sure there must be one that can help you.

Your new sofa bed sounds wonderful! I hope that you are finding it really comfortable? I recently purchased a new suite with a teal corner unit and its beautiful. Its got a lovely little footstool as well.

I sincerely hope that you can find some help with your problem

Ken x


Thankns for that ken and I hope your new suite and stool are comfortable for you

Belinda x


For me its not just the amonut of forms, its also the depressing thing of writing down everything I can't do. I don't always see what i can't as I have developed coping strategies etc. so i don't get too down with everything. these forms strip me bare of my strength in coping and leave me bereft to the extent i have nothing left. good luck with your claim though xx


thanks bumblebee x


Short answer. lots.

Good for you. What helps me is to get hold of the form straight away, it's too easy to put it off until too late then end up panicking.

Then I start with the easy ones, name, address, DOB etc. Then I lightly cross out the irrelevant questions if any. By the time that's done there's not as much left and it's less daunting. Hope it helps. :) :)

Can I come and try your new bed???? :P :P


thank you and it is comfy but not had to use it yet have managed to get upstairs to my comfy bed


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