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Dinner Disaster!!!!!!

Hi All

I went to make a pasta bake the night, i weighed the pasta out and added the sauce and grated cheese on the top (as it said on the jar!!!! cheating i know!!!) and was wondering why it didnt say about adding water to it so i just added a wee bit as i didnt think the pasta would cook. I then read what it said on the jar again and again and then seen the word COOK i was meant to cook the pasta first and then add the sauce and cheese!!!!! I dont know how or why but i didnt see that it said COOKED!!!! My partner came home from work and bless him he just had chicken goujons and colslaw!!!!

Hope you all had a nicer dinner than me!!!! LOL

Jo xx

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lol x


Bless you Jo jo I cannot decide what to have think I will pop to my local co-op and see if anything appeals!! x x x


im now sitting here eating sweets (which isnt going to do my waistline any good) as ive already went up a size since i went onto pregabalin!!!!!!

hope you see something nice.



Aww bless but good on you for trying, some days biscuits are my staple diet ;-)

Soft hugs xxx



Awww bless you, easy done though, i often have days like that lol

take care love and gentle hugs

jackie xxxxx :-)


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