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anyone else feel like this


i feel since friday, that the fatigue is killing me ( still got pain) but the fatigue is the worst thing.... even if i get up of the sofa, its such a effort to put one foot in front of the other, i sit up and i feel i need to like down again.. my eye lids feel as if there better kept shut even though i am wide awake... the house isnt getting run and no work is gettng done. i am worrying now how am i going to organise dinner for my husband coming home from a hard day at work.. not that i actually make a proper dinner its a oven tea.... i could go and one but i am struggling to use my fingers.. hope ur all ok today x

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God love you, it's terrible isin't it, why don't the powers that be acknowledge our pain and struggle, gentle hugs xxx


some times i wonder what is worse pain or fategue .. its a strange thought but i am sorry you been like this since friday .. look after you house work can wait your welcome to off load any time here and be among friends who understand

gentle dyslexic hugs

yeah i do some days its so hard to get up and about x


I agreed that you need to put yourself first - when you are so poorly, I'm sure your husband would be understanding and provide his own meal.

Sorry if this sounds blunt - sometimes it's the hardest thing to do to put ourselves first and now is the time. x

Every day :-( I can deal with the pain I wish I could get rid of the fatigue and stop sleeping so much but depression doesn't help either. Its really knocked my self confidence but I hope it doesn't affect you that way. Be strong and make lists, sounds funny but I feel like I've acheived something and I get to prioritise.

Rest and relax.



Hi there Diane,Awww bless you it's so hard when the fatigue hits like this, i do hope you are getting plenty of support, there is no quick fix solution to this but try to eat plenty of energy boosting foods even drinking lucozade can perk you up a wee bit if only temporary i've even heard that the energy supplement Barroca is supposed to be good stuff! Don't be too hard on yourself, take things one step at a time, take care and i hope things improve for you soon Gentle hugs to you xxx

I know that feeling, I seem to go through it more so on my days off, I even feel breathless sometimes just getting up and going to the toilet!

I had 8 wks off work 2 yrs ago and I was like that the whole time, its awful.

Hope you get some respite from it, this is such an awful illness!

Take care & hoping you have a better day

Sharon x


Hope you find this useful.

Fibromyalgia has a sister condition and often if you have one you have the other....... Its sister is ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

If you are struggling with more Fatigue than Pain you are likely to be be experiencing a flare or CFS. No amount of meds will help you to feel less fatigued. You need to rest as much as you can and BE NICE TO YOURSELF.

This can be damn near impossible when you have a family....

It is very important you and your family learn about what you all have to live with.

Your body is telling you to slow down.....

I hope that you all get some relief


my dear helpful friends..thank u so much for all of u to answer my question.. still feeling fatigued, i tried to push myself a little this morning( after no sleep at all last night, although i was shattered) but........i keep thinking.. diane. are u lazy or does this exsist... think it defo the latter, as i have not been able to move all afternoon... thanks again.. hope this finds u all well ,, for at least a little while xxx

Hi Diane, it is definately not you being lazy and I really do think the fatigue is worse than the pain. People can understand pain but they cannot understand fatigue and it is such a hard thing to describe to people unless you have suffered with it.

I was at the hospital on Monday for a lymphoedema treatment and my therapist has experienced fatigue. We were talking about it during my treatment and she said even her husband is unable to understand what she is going through. I was surprised when she told me as I have always known her to be really fit and active but she got it recently following a recent illness.

Dont worry about your household jobs, I used to but now I do what I have to do to keep things ticking over and tidy as I go along. I think worrying sometimes makes things feel worse too so try not to get too stressed.

Hope you feel better soon. Love Angela xx

Hi diane,

Yes i do have that bad fatigue it kills me. Even putting washing in the machine, makes me need to have a rest as it takes all my energy. Its mad.

The key to managing it is pacing you need plenty of rests after evrything, i look at dust half the time as i need to make tea and somedays that is all i can do.

I hope you feel better soon, hugs, kel xxx

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