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im in sooo much pain totaly fed up

for the last few days ihave become more and more unwell im sick of all this im in the mind set of i just dont know what to do next,last night the pain in back was excrusiating my hands,feet,legs are swollen alot im getting the odd tingling in my fingers not had that for cpl of years i have a nasty rash on my face my neck is hurting i have a headache which dosent know if its coming or going, ive developed sores in my mouth today my throat is sore i started falling asleep sitting up on the sofa early ours this morn only to be woken by tremendouse pain everywere could hardly move andwas staggering into things and at 6amwhen my grandson got up he wanted to watch cbebees as i was scroling down list ofprogrammes i keptfalling asleep myeyes just wouldent stay open the poor wee mite kept saying granny wake up and todayand tonight my back and hips keep going into spasms. xx

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sending you a hug (( :) )) and hope you feel better soon.

you could always give nhs direct a ring if you are worried.




messaged you x


hi munchkin

Bless you it is so hard when you are not yourself and we all go through different things at different times and its good we have this site to ask others how others deal with situations.

it takes time and it hopefully will ease for you and be a 'phase' as i always say, its just a 'phase' it will pass keeping positive thoughts and as much strength as possibly can (which i understand is easier said than done)

Your grandson loves granny no matter what but it would be wise to say if you are not up to it that you can not manage for now and to give yourself a good rest even if you do need much sleep. your body tells you what it needs and if thats sleeping then sleep!!

the hip pain etc seems to be apart of it all , you should keep your Dr informed of any changes what is happening to you too just to make sure its nothing else.

The throat too is going around as my 12 yr old is on her 2nd dose of antibiotics, along with throat spray and pain relief which keeps re occuring and not good for school attendance.

so just have yourself checked out if continues over the weekend but put your feet up for now and sending you lots of fairy hugs .

xxxxxxxxxx caroline xxxx


Hello Munchkin, so sorry to hear you are suffering so much at the moment.

Please pop along and see your GP when you can, you might need a meds' review and ot discuss how your pain and other symptoms have changed. To manage Fibro effectively we need to ensure we are getting the correct meds and treatment.

Please let us know how you get on and I really hope you feel better soon.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



Just want to say i am feeling just like you so tired of living like this I have lupus as well so there's always one of them flairing.


Bless you, I have complete empathy with you, sending a gentle


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