Real life you just couldn't make it up!!!!!!

Real life you just couldn't make it up!!!!!!

As many of you know I had to move to a bungalow just over a year ago due to stairs becoming a major issue.. With my fibro and arthritis.....Has it made my rl any less surreal ... No.... A couple of evenings ago I was in the bathroom ... The details stop there... my son comes charging through and tries to enter the bathroom... Yes I had locked it so he failed..... So he marched into the living room and said to his dad ........ who is in the bathroom.... ?? My OH said who do you think.? . My son replied I don't know .... At this point I yell through the doors you and your dad are in the living room and as only 3 of us live here its obviously me... To which my son shouted back ... How would i know that....You might have invited someone in to use the bathroom...... So there you have it my son thinks I am capable of letting strangers into my bungalow at night letting them use the toilet while I lock myself in the bathroom with them watching them, while my OH calmly watches TV, is there any wonder I am slightly weird

VG x

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  • ROFL!

    He obviously understands you only too well VG


  • Life is never dull with an Asperger's kid in the house. I laughed hysterically, but shouldn't have, as my son is still in bed, who knows what delights awake me when he gets up?

  • I hope there's no Harpic down that loo, VG - it'll give you fin-rot!


  • What rot you know I have fins of steel... Remember the time I came to save you over the allegations of cheating at poker...... it was all lies I know you are a card shark ... But my fins came in handy in getting us out of there quickly....VG ;)

  • jonny depp and dermot o'leary are welcome in my loo anytime!

    but not russel crowe - fartimus maximus smellicosa!


  • Tries to tempt jonny depp away from Sandra with her jacuzzi bath ;)

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