Having a real bad and fed up day!!

My daughter, her partner and 2 kids have had to move in temporarily...I don't mind too much....apart from my peaceful afternoons are shattered lol but today has been a bad day! I dared to do a bit of gardening yesterday so I am suffering in my bed today :( but one by one the family have been coming up to my bedroom and moaning about each other!! Oh yes...like i want to hear it all while i am in pain and stuck in my bed!!! To top it all off hubby has been for a couple of pints and gets a bit obnoxious with everyone...whereas all other times he has the patience of a saint, he now has none :/ My son is fed up with him picking a little things with him, hubby is fed up of the mess in the kitchen (daughter & little one baking!) then my daughter is fed up cos hubby washed up his stuff and not hers!! when I get upset and have a few tears in my room alone I hear all of them downstairs having a giggle!! Times like this I wished I lived in a little flat on my own!! In peace and quiet :) sorry everyone and thanks for listening ...rant over :) I hate feeling so depressed :(

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  • hey its only natural you ranting.people on here are great at listening.

    wow what a house full.

    ours is soo peaceful here i hate it.id rather the noise but thats me.

    hubby with bit of luck might fall alseep,and your kids are adults let them get on with it.and fend for themselves.

    you dont need all this right now.

    think of yourself and let your hubby deal with it.

    hope you get some peace.x

  • Thank you Sammy, I am quite new here but am already realising what a great site full of amazing people this is :)

  • hello sara hope you feel better soon chin up take care love beth x

  • Thanks Beth :) xx

  • i know how you feel hun so you rant away ,i have a hubby and five children ,two of which are teenage girls ,somtimes i feel like im going mad ,hope you you get some peace and quiet soon ,gentle hugs xxx

  • Thanks Lnz, wow 5 children :) but then sometimes my hubby and son-in-law are the biggest kids so that would make 5 in my house too haha Gentle hugs back to you :) xxx

  • Sara a change of routine is always difficult, so I feel for your present situation, and hope that your familys situation soon changes and you will be back to "normal"

    Soft Hugs x x x

  • Thanks Susie, I think the change has been really hard to handle, but atm there is no light at the end of the housing tunnel :/

    (((soft hugs)) xxxx

  • I know how you feel, we have had my daughter and two grandchildren aged 8 and 5 living with us since January. Have no idea how long they will be here either.

  • Thanks :) its nice to know there are other families out there in the same situation! my grandchildren are nearly 3 and 8 months! and we dont know how long this will be for either! dont get me wrong its lovely getting a kiss from the little ones when they say goodnight and soft hugs in the morning but its so tiring having a full house!

    Hope your situation sorts itself out soon too :) xxx

  • Oh bless you Sara, I do feel for you! I get days where sometimes I would like to dig a hole and crawl in just to get 5 minutes peace, long enough to drink a cup of tea without feeling the weight of the World on my shoulders. It's a common enough feeling for anyone, let alone someone with Fibro who is in pain and absolutely exhausted. We tend to think of bed as the ultimate resting place, but when you are bombarded by incessant family pouring in, it becomes its own hell doesn't it. When things got a bit like you've explained in my house, I called a family meeting. I really needed to explain how I was feeling and how important my time in bed was when I had to resort to bed through feeling so ill. I explained the Spoon Theory, which is a brilliant way of explaining how we feel with Fibro and how difficult our lives can be living with it. (For anyone who isn't familiar with this, please type in the Spoon Theory in the search bar at the top of this page and then hit enter, the Spoon Theory should come up for you to read, it's brilliant! :) ) It's not too much to ask for a bit of peace and a lie down in bed. You didn't mention the ages of your children, if they are old enough to understand that you felt poorly, they are old enough to understand you need to rest. Regarding hubby, hmmm that's another situation altogether, men can be so stubborn sometimes can't they. Perhaps he needs to read the Spoon Theory too to understand how you feel etc. It's worth a try. It also sounds like you need more help and support at home. Have you considered a local support group too, that might help you? There is nothing better than chatting to someone who understands exactly how you are feeling.

    I hope you feel better really soon. I think if we could get some sunshine that would help us all, all this rain is too much isn't it! Take care Sara! :) :)

  • Thanks Libby, I must admit I will have to look up the spoon theory, sounds intriguing :) and the family meeting sounds a good idea too..my son is 19 but is so supportive and helps me all the time with no moaning, my daughter is 23 and sometimes 'understands' but mostly doesnt! and in the week my hubby is so caring its the weekends when things go awry :/

    Sunshine would be a wonderful help cos at least the little ones would be able to be in the garden and I could lie on my chair and watch them having fun :)

    Thanks again xxx

  • aww lv,tell them ur poorly,infact shout it they may listen then...you see they cant see your illness,so its easy forgot(only my opinion based on my experience`s).i know your life isnt theirs but neither is your home,you and your hubby deserve peace in your house.i hope they show you more respect(i know their not bad people)but like i say shout it they may hear you then lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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