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Does anyone know where I can get a comfortable sofa bed?

Can anyone help as Iam thinking of getting a sofa bed for me to sleep on in the living room as I only live in a small two bed bungalow and I have two boys who share a room but it is no longer big enough for them both so I will be changing my room into my youngest boys room soon so they both have their own space.Iam renting and I can't afford a 3 bed place as I get housing benefit and Iam only entitled to a two bed place.Iam thinking that it will probably not be ideal for me as I have a lot of back pain but I can't think of what else to do.Has anyone got any ideas please?xxx

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Hi haribo :-) Just a thought, most sofa beds are not built for comfort as they are intended for occasional use. What might work is to get a reasonably priced one and then perhaps buy a topper for it which could help your back. If you want to message me I can point you in the direction of some good value options :-)

Just a thought though my friend, is it really essential that they have separate room ? I know of brothers who have shared rooms for most of their lives and it hasn't been a problem, I hate to think that you who need proper supportive bedding are being the one to have to give up your room !

Hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, I just care about you and don't want your health even more compromised than it already is !

Foggy x


Many thanks foggy.I have thought about it and I was going to keep my double bed and share with my 5 year old as he sleeps with me anyhow but I want him to have space in his room to play with his toys.Since Xmas he now has so much stuff that it is all stacked up in his tiny corner in the room he shares with his brother.His brother is 11 and he needs his own space too.It is mainly cos Thete is not enough room for all the toys etc.. In one room.My youngest likes playing with his train tracks and I got him a scaletrix for Xmas as he is car mad and it would be nice if he could have some space in his own room to play with it.The sofa bed and topper sounds like a good idea.I was thinking of getting a corner sofa bed as my sofa is not very comfortable in my living room so I don't mind replacing it.I was looking to spend around 500 max.Could you pm me please foggy,many thanks xxx


Hi there - comfortable sofa beds certainly don't come cheap, expect to pay around £700 to £1500 for a good quality model. Most better quality sofa beds will have a memory foam or pocket sprung mattress, the lowest quality to look at will have luxury open coil sprung mattresses but the small cost saving isn't worth going for this type.

Get plenty of ideas on different designs at sofabedgallery.co.uk

Hope this is of help !



Hi there,thank you for your reply.The sofas are lovely,I've just seen one I really like for 800.Didnt want to pay that much but I guess it would be worth it for the comfort xxx


Sofa beds are no good if you have a bad back. Try getting a good quality day bed. I currently have 2 which are made of wood and then I purchsed new mattresses for. I have them in my living room and guests sleep on them or I do when fall asleep in front of the TV. However think this through I did this when my husband and I split and had to live in the same house. It is not just sleeping it is also where do you put everything else and what do you do if someone spills something on the sofa oops your bed?

Would it not be easier to keep the boys together and let them play with their toys in the living room maybe bunk beds would help. Is your room bigger then theirs then swap and you have a single bed as well.

Or what about buying a garden shed for your Son to play in.

Whatever you do make sure you have a good mattress as my Gran always said good mattress and good shoes as you spend the day in one or the other.


i would be careful when you choose a sofa bed as a lot of them are not suitable for constant use as a bed. you need to get a metal action one with a sprung matress .

I used to sell them when I worked, when you try them which you must do try the confort in all positions you sleep and do this for a while not just on/ off.

also bear in mind that a sofa bed will be lower so if you have arthritis etc it will be difficult to get up from.

hope this helps



Hi haribo

I haven't been posting for a while but always like to read everyone elses posts. I gave up sleeping in a bed nearly a year ago as its too painful and cant sleep so I sleep on a recliner in the sitting room. It might not seem ideal but it all depends on what way we are comfiest with the fibro. I cant lie flat and propped up is best for me and I get such a good sleep on the recliner. I have tried a sofa bed and i definately wouldnt recommended it (though mines wasnt a really expensive one) it made me suffer even more. I know where your coming from with the boys needing their own space I did the same for my girls when they were young but why dont you do that for the boys but still sleep in the bed with your youngest. He still has his own room and you still get to sleep in a bed and save you money.

Let me know how you get on

hugs kitty xx


Just a suggestion - have you got space to put a memory foam topper in the daytime? Maybe on top of your son's bed? Then whatever sort of sofa bed you use, you can just put the topper on at night before you go to sleep.


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