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The rat in the drainpipe and the central heating thermostat

Anyone here remember the awful stall at summer fayres where you had to put a furry rat shaped thing down a drainpipe and the person who had paid held a bat to hit it when it came out and then won a prize.. Well when I taught all those years ago I always got that stall.... I know why the other teachers couldn't stand to see the sad children as they missed the rat it was impossible to hit and I always gave out lollipops to cheer the children up. Why I am rambling about this , cos this is what it feels like trying to put the central heating on in my bungalow to override the timer... In the late morning I get cold OH and son are at work and school.. I can't get up the stairs to the loft room which my son has claimed as his music room to the boiler, so we had a thermostat a wireless one installed in the hall. So to override timer you swivel the circle round with a fingertip to the required temperature then press the ok button,,,,,, simple ,,, except you have like 3 seconds after the swivel to press ok... I can't do it my hands don't work that fast I stand there like the poor child waiting to hit the rat and missing every time ... So I end up under a blanket till OH arrives home ...

VGx waiting under a blanket typing with one finger and a torch

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Oh dear, poor VG.

Can you swivel the dial with one hand and press the button. With the other hand at the same time? 3secs is ridiculous, must have been invented by a man (sorry chaps ;-))

When is OH due home?

Warm Piggie hugs xxxxxx


Wow lol never ever heard of that game at all VG

And as pink pig says took my thoughts lol.

You have some amusing blogs VG to say your VG haha

I think your a lot funnier than you think ;-) xxxxxxx



Oh my goodness VG, I hope you don't have to wait too long! Never a dull moment in VG's house hey!

Hope you still manage to have a good weekend and for goodness sake please be careful with everything, bless you! ;)

You always make me smile VG, keep warm!

(((hug))) xxx



I remember did we go to the same schothe fire ol no we cant have cause I was on bat the rat at mine!

It is strange I am sitting with one of these modern thinga me obs infront of me and I have managed to get so when the heating drops I swivel it around to plus 22 24 and then it starts back up fortunately I dont have to hit any thing.

Just lit the fire come on over Vg and warm yourself xgins


Piggles I tried that and once it worked... I was so happy but In the mad dash to co ordinate two hands to move that fast I set the temperature to 30 degrees and couldn't get it back down so when my OH walked through the door he was hit by a swedish sauna and I was sitting In a t shirt dripping with sweat.... Oh I am so useless with anything technical that's why I am looking forward to my new iPad a Christmas and yet dreading it incase anything has changed too much on it

Son has just awoken and done heating for me .... I thing I have learnt don't wake a aleeping autistic teenager and ask him to do something out of routine as it inevitably leads to disaster



We have a stable door between kitchen and hall and I am just considering trying to find a curtain to hang to keep the warm in. I never have had this cold problem before. stoke the fire now xgins


That's it gins bat the rat that's what it was called, can you ask Santa to give me the same thermostat as you for Christmas please, and a bit of extra memory not the computer kind the brain kind and while you are cleaning my house in the middle of the night on Xmas eve see if you can work my blooming thermostat

Totters over to gins fire

VG x


This time of the year I find it best to leave the heating on 24 hours and control it using just the temperature control. Maybe you too would find that helpful. It doesn't cost any more because if the thermostat is set low enough, say, at night the heating doesn't come on anyway. During the day if you feel too hot you can turn it down and if you feel cold you can turn it up.


LOL, sorry to laugh but the picture that you have put in my mind is quite amusing. EDF have mucked up my pre paid gas meter to the extent that we have not had heating properly since Wednesday. Long involved story but they are totally incompetent at putting right their, by their own admission, error. They keep telling me to put more money in and it will clear it. I have done 30 miles to and from the PayPoint shop, made 12 telephone calls and spent easily three hours on the phone. Now I have money in the card but the meter won't accept it. They told me to go to a particular shop to get a new card, take it home, register it with the machine then go back to the shop, put yet more money in and load the meter. Wrong!!! The new card is invalid according to the PayPoint machine!!! So I have a card with money in it that I cannot use, a new card that doesn't work and no available gas!!! I am freezing cold, we are using up to £10 a day on meagre electric heating, my FM is killing me, I am verging on tears and no b....d seems to care. From 2pm Saturday until 8am Monday they are all tucked up in their warm houses. If I run out of gas there is an emergency number that if I call there is nobody that can do anything until at least Monday. When I told thye EDF person that I have very little gas left they told me that I woulkd have to 'eke it out'!!!! At 8am tomorrow my first action will be to call their complaints department and give them then names of their call centre 'help' staff involved.


I don't use the timer on my central heating at all. My heating stays on 24 hours a day, I turn the thermostat down a bit when I go to bed and turn it up again when I get up. This means firstly and most importantly that my home never gets cold but also because I sometimes keep strange hours due to how I'm feeling, my heating works when I need it to - like last night when I was feeling so sick that I didn't go to bed until about 4.30am and of course I didn't get overheated when I slept in this morning.

I don't think it actually costs any more to heat this way as my flat never gets cold and more importantly neither do I.

Hope you didn't have to wait too long before OH rescued you from under the blanket. xx


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