Memories of a time long ago !!

Chewing the fat last night and we go onto your childhood memories the ones that stick foremost in your mind. I recall 2 but in a way they were not happy ones at the time, but looking back now I laugh at them. I was at the age of 11 a smoker (do not now and have not for over 25 years) I was with friends being the big I am and one of them shouted here,s your dad who had just arrived home from work so I nipped the end of the cigarette as I did not want to waste it and placed the remainder in my jacket pocket. My dad then said "come on walk with me as your dinner will be ready soon" We reached the house and I was told to go wash my hands so I did placed my jacket on the hall banister and then sat down at the dinner table whereupon my dad came into the room and said to me "you have been smoking" "I have not I said honestly" "Oh yes you have and do you know how I know your jacket is on fire". The nipped cigarette had taken light and burned a hole in my jacket pocket ! Result a good slapping and made to stay in for a week.

The 2nd one was me and my sister also a smoker decided to tell my mum we were going to tidy our rooms and went upstairs put the bed against the door and lit up a cigarette and there we were thinking how clever we were when my dads face appeared at the bedroom window as he had decided to clean the windows at the same time. Result another slapping and 2 weeks in the house after school !! Oh sweet sweet memories.

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  • That made me laugh! Opens a can of worms too. I often wonder if kids still received a good slapping (we called it a hiding) for wrong doings if there would be so many herds of feral children who have no respect or fear as they can do whatever they like!

    I once asked our son how he managed to stay out of trouble and away from drugs etc and his answer was "because you'd kill me". He wasn't worried about being arrested etc, but facing his mum....... He's in his 30s now. 🐸

  • I don't smoke anymore but I was caught by my Dad at the age of 43, he told my Mum who was very cross, they are sadly no longer with us but I still remember their disappointment xxx

  • Memories like that when we get older are something we can look back and laugh at!! Have a good day.Peck🐤

  • Sorry didn't have a happy childhood, other than staying with my Aunt and Uncle or seeing my Gran.

    My best memories are ones I've made with my children, who say they've had a good childhood. Pleased I managed that, as I felt I missed out!

    Your stories were funny 👍😜

  • one memory that stands out is that one summers day my mum asked me to call my younger brother and sister in from the garden for a homemade ice lolly, ( I was 14 and they were 3) and my sister came in but no sign of my brother. I went to look and couldn't find him, we looked upstairs, lounge, everywhere and were starting to panic by now. we checked the gate was locked............then a whimper came from the back garden and my little brother was found hiding in the big rabbit hutch we had! he crawled out with sawdust covering his clothes looking chuffed that he ahd found the perfect hiding place! lol...........funny now but wasn't at the time :) x

  • Thank you my friend they made me laugh! Although they are not very nice memories to carry around. If I am totally honest then my most prominent childhood memories are not good ones either.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • all my childhood memories are awful and I try to avoid thinking about them as I am traumatised by what I remember x

  • Most of my childhood memories are the embarrassing ones..........

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