The wedding of the year and you are all invited

The wedding of the year and you are all invited

After finding out how rich... Erm mm loveable esagestapo was yesterday both moffy and I proposed... Fortunately esagestapo decided I would make a much better wife.... And chose me....( I hope it's nothing to do with him being a cat and me being a fish) ...anyway smirks at Moffy we shall be getting married ..... I hope esagestapo reads this so he knows.....

He has assured me that me being a fish will be no problem and has picked out his wedding outfit.... See photo... You are all invited to attend this miraculous event ... Wear your finery and descend upon the forum laden with gifts.....

Yours wondering how long this marriage will last ... Esagestapo Keeps licking his lips

VG x

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  • No wonder he doesn't mind you being a fish - the poor bloke's hungry!

    Seeing as you've talked him out of marrying me, can I be chief bridesmoth? Can I? Can I PLEASE Miss?

    I will bring gifts - a slice of lemon and a few chips would seem appropriate :D

    <sulks> I would have been a much better wife - I'm very good at spending money!

    Moffy x

  • Do cats eat moths... If so... Please come and be bridesmoth or did you mean ... Brides mother.... Smirks.... Please bring lemon and chips we can have a wedding supper.... I wonder if we will get one of those useful moth and fly zappers as a gift.....

    Yours tidying up her bowl and hanging weed in garlands.....

  • Hope they are not widows weeds sounds like eagestapo is going to have his fish and eat it ahtn play airy fairy with moffy

  • I demand to be a bridesmaid! What would you like as a wedding gift? X

  • Esagestapo. Declawing perhaps.... That would make a lovely gift..... For me.... Of course you can be a bridesmaid.... The more the merrier... And you can form a guard of honour should esagestapo suddenly decide to swap his iams for fish :)

  • NOOOOOOOO to declawing!!!! naughty naughty!! we felines need our claws to put nail varnish on :-p

  • Awww, how lovely ........dashes to get large pink hat..........I have recently taken up nail art, (lies through her teeth) do you think esagestapo might like a pre-wedding MANicure ?? Of course, with my culinary skills I could attempt a cake of crushed Iams and Tetrafin, decorated with kitekat and topped with a lovely stone arch from your tank, with trailing weeds flowing down the sides......... I await your orders :-) :o :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oooh Foggy, the cake sounds lovely - but could you add a bit of mashed up woolly jumper for me? The MANicure sounds like it could be a bit of a CATastrophe! :D

    Moffy x

  • Most certainly Moffy, have you any colour presence, cashmere or angora ? ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Lalala ........ Preference of course ;-)

  • Hey, VG, pardon me for sounding cat..y!!! but I thought a nice wedding pressie for esagestapo would maybe be a wheelie bin?!!! ( I know a lady who was in the national news last year who has a bin !!!)

    ( apparently you are not allowed to put live cats in them ?!!) hey mothy put the phone down the r.s.p.c.a they have already been round and released all 70 of them from my bin!!!( only joking cat lovers I promise 100%!!!!)

  • Hmmm a wheelie bin would be great for me to load all his dosh into and being plastic it will float as I make my getaway.... Ummm of course I mean it will make a nice. Big tank for me ... Phew think I talked my way out of that one... :)

  • V.G what tune will the organist be playing when you walk down the aisle??? I should run for the hills if she starts playing "1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive" and you see the groom esagestapo licking his lips ,contented!!!!

  • If esagestapo. Has any sense he will ... Run for the hills before I get to the church ... If not one of us will be caught hook line and sinker :)

  • I do rhinestone onto fabrics so I could bling up the wedding dress! Xx

  • Bling me up Charlii :)

  • I can do the catering for you and at greatly inflated prices. My catnip souffle is a joy to behold. It is just purr-fect.

  • Sounds like a plan esagestapo. Is the man with the money :) I mean my beloved esagestapo wouldn't scrimp on the catering :)

  • .. vg, I hate to break this to you but it is a trick...THERE IS ONLY ONE THING ON THE MENU and that is YOU!!!!!... so at the wedding I think you should draw up a pre nup, that he can't eat you !!!! I mean he wouldn't eat a moth would he that is why he didn't choose moffy, I think you need to call this wedding off right now( or maybe after you have conned all the money off him of course!!!)

  • I have already arranged the pre-nup. It's the least I could do for my dear friend VG, as I am chief bridesmoth.

    The terms are that in the unlikely :) demise of the fish, erm, I mean bride, all the money is MINE! Mwah ha hah! ;)

    Moffy x

  • Glares at moffy..... I happen to have a very good reason to know that esagestapo will not be eating anything at the reception .....I have hidden his false teeth ..... In my water feature :)

    VG x

  • So those were the white things lodged into the arch water feature ......ah ha ?

    Foggy x

  • Are you wearing esagestapos teeth ??? Foggy did you clean them first my tank wasnt very clean this morning ..... Blushes :x

  • Who???? What????? Me???? False teeth??? Never the twain shall meet, but as you mention it I had to dunk them in steredent before using them to top the arch on the wedding cake :o :o ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh and that's a pretty angry looking blush methinks. Next you'll have steam coming out of your fins. Hehehe ;-)

  • Thank you all for the chuckle, and I thought i was the mad one lol, seriously u have really made me chuckle at your remarks, having said that hope the weddings with a bang ? LOL xgentle cuddles and good wishes LOL

  • Glad we made you chuckle ..,somedays you just have to laugh or you would cry :D

  • No sign of esagestapo though, has he jilted you at the Altar ?

    Yours optimistically F x

  • Do you think esagestapo might lend me his scuba diving outfit, the river is rising in an alarming fashion just below my garden.....< goes off to fill sand bags>......

  • I,m not sure he can jilt me... He doesn't actually know we are getting married .......

    Sends scuba diving outfit and a rubber dinghy filled with firemen to rescue you :)

  • Molto molto grazi, ......... I hope there ar lots of firemen, to lift me, a damsel in distress ;-)

    Foggy x

  • congratulations! I obviously missed my chance!

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