Ooooohhhh oh dear looks round suspiciously

Ooooohhhh oh dear looks round suspiciously

After not being able to get onto the forum at all last night I struggled to my volunteer desk this morning to see what I had missed.... There were a list of emails but stuck to my desk was a post it note.... I assume it was from moffy ... Shes the one who stuffed my desk into the broom cupboard... But what to make of the note.... Is she out to get me... Are there other people out to get me... Or was she being sarcastic cos I wasn't here yesterday... Has she hired a hit man... Has someone else.....

Carefully moves her desk round.... Not easy in a broom cupboard and then sits with her back to the wall and her eyes on the door... Right as long as no one drops down from the ceiling I am prepared..... Grabs mop as a handy weapon .......


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  • Ah at last, here you are.....phew trying to get into here for ages without any luck. It would appear that someone has done something very inappropriate with a bicycle pump to your avatar....lead me to him and will bop him on the nose.......hard......

    Foggy x

  • Hey don't hit me with that mop, I come in friendship, bearing fairy cakes and scones

  • Ooooh. Did you bring the strawberry jam and cream so we can have a cream tea? If so count me in.

  • Ok moffy has the jam I. Her much bigger room lets go raid it :)

  • The assassin might be in there. I think she knows you envy her bigger room.

  • Apparantly the bigger room is full of filing cabinets and and a rather large collection of grandfather clocks.... All becomes clear the assassin is not moffy my broom cupboard is actually bigger.... This is a relief and a worry..

    A) moffy is not the assassin

    B) both moffy and I could be the target.....

    I shall walk around the forum in a suit of armour.. And moffy will hide in a grandfather clock ;)

  • I thought that It was all down to the zombies of yesterday. The red spaghetti and tiramisu obviously had failed to deter them I thought and they had taken all prisoners and all my friends lost,,,,,,forever.......oh woe is me..........

    But then clearly you've escaped, have you got the others hanging on to the mop or are they stacked in orderly lines in your broom cupboard? Looks around in th gloom, hoping to find her other friends,

    Foggy x

  • Moffy is out hiring another assassin as I am obviously still alive.... All plans to get rid of me have failed ... Happily squeezes another chair in for foggy and sits down to munch on fairy cakes and scones .. With the mop handy in case of attack :)

    Ps that's my scared. And looking out for assassins face

  • Ooooohhh very scary, Foggy hides under the chair and gets horribly stuck as her back gives way,,,,,,,,,,,,hey VG out with the Oramorph plse

  • Sorry I can't take any opiate meds... My liver can't cope with them.... Hands foggy her useless paracetamol


  • Nooooo VG. Throw those usless parawotsits outt ! Its oramorph for meeee...... with my tangled spasm under your chair. hehehehehe. ;-)

  • Oh my how am I supposed to reply to posts with your feet in my face... I would go and move into the volunteers room but there's more space there for an assassin to attack...

    Nice shoes by the way ;)

  • I've been locked out of the site - just because I was suspected of plotting to assassinate Her Royal Fishiness! As if I would!

    But now I'm back hehehehe!

    >>>sprinkles cyanide into fairy cake mixture and stirs daintily >>>>>>


  • Join the queue moffy its a long queue I hope your knees stand it ... Offers very low squishy chair ..... Now try and get out of that......


  • Arghhh! - you didn't tell me you had put a fly-paper on the chair! Now I'm stuck!

  • Takes hand from behind back... Reveals moth swatter.... Now tell me who hired the assassin I have ways of making you talk....... ;)

  • play nice girls or I'll have to give you my Paddington-hard-stare! - if that little bear could make Mr Brown back off, it should work for me. ;-)


  • Looks innocent and points >>>>>> it was moffy she started it.......


  • I have no comment to make - I have been swatted! :O

  • Great now I have to clean my swatter :(

  • Oh hell ladies its a new generation out here its okay to come out of the closet we lovenyou as you are nutz lol

  • Nuts is not the word for it- I cannot think of the right one as I am laughing too much. I think you are all just what the doctor ordered Mad as a bunch of frogs should that be box.. Not meaning to offend any of you totally proud of your crazie ness. As faded blossom says it is a new generation come out of the closet get yourselves a better office (hahahhaahah0) love xgins

  • Hey foggy do you still need oromoph as I always carry some with me enough for about 3 doses. Sithy

  • Huh hmmm nope think I'm ok now, I just have keep the peepers on the date so that I use it before the 60 day bathroom must look akin to a den of something or other. Half used bottles, then small bottles to take away and even smaller one to have in handbag just in case.......such a kind offer tho Sithy, will know where to. Urn in extremis..haha

    Foggy x

  • I know the feeling I have to have a big handbag to accomadate all my meds in case I'm out all-day then there's thhe usual junk all us women seem to carry around with us hair brush you know the stuff then there's the medicine cabinets plural not enough room in one for all my meds then there's the other suff you put in a medicine cabinet. Anyway big gentle hugs to all. Love Sithy.

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