Warning ! Forum member is stealing your sleep... Shocking photo reveals all

Warning ! Forum member is stealing your sleep... Shocking photo reveals all

The truth behind WHY we get an unrefreshed night sleep, WHERE does our beauty sleep go.

Talking to Sandra99b a few days ago when she was in disguise as Tonto she said she didn't need make up as she was a stunning red head in rl.... Umm how and why I thought When I wake up I feel totally unrefreshed and look like something the cat has dragged in , then the cat has taken a good look at it , thought yeauchh why did I bring this in and drops in in my bed... How does Sandra look so good???? So I got my OH to fix up a spy camera in our bedroom and this is what it caught..... The MINUTE you drop off into sleep may it only be for a few minutes .. Sandra is in and out of your window in a flash with your refreshing beauty sleep in her bag, that's why she is still so stunning despite being 157 years old...


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  • That explains alot yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    PP xxx

  • Finally, I know who to blame! Thanks VG - your spy skills are amazing!

    Next question - how do I Sandra-proof my bedroom?

    yours, exhaustedly



  • Hmmm the obvious answer would never sleep again but being realistic ....you need some string tied to your window and then as Sandra opens it to nip in a large hammer swings down activated by the string and whacks her straight back out of the window... Of course you would have to get back up and reset it all so that would spoil your sleep too.....

    Hmmmmm ponders....


  • So at last, the answer!! I had the worst nights sleep EVER last night. I was blaming the tip tappiing on here so late and yet, I find it's a wliey fibromite!! Would you think a cunning change of bedroom will foil her dastardly deed? Advice would be welcome VG...S x

  • I was actually thinking of sleeping in the wardrobe , but then knowing my luck I would end up in Narnia coming back out finding no time has passed at all fall into bed asleep and then whack, Sandra strikes

    Yours still thinking,,,,,,,

    VG x

  • 157 years old wow how impressive and so lithe and nimble oh Sandra why do you do it? We need our sleep more than most people go down an old folks home raid them of their sleep they get more than enough.

    Now VG and narnia I think you would have made an excellent fawn xgins

  • That's the reason I am permanently exhausted, a reason at last! GIVE ME MY SLEEP BACK!!!!!! ;) :P xxxx

  • Goes to order some pan pipes online........though how I will have the energy to play them like mr Tumnus the faun without my much needed sleep.....

    VG x

  • I'm thinking Wallace and Grommit meets Mousetrap (the game, not the play!)

    A string across the window trips the giant boot, which boots Sandra across the room, into the basket, which is carefully balanced, so that her weight makes it fall down, and she is trapped underneath. The action of the basket falling down also triggers a lever, which releases the brake on the platform on which the basket is sitting. This platform then rolls gently into the wardrobe, the automatic doors close behind it, and Sandra is transported to Narnia where she can steal sleep from the Ice Queen!

  • Rushes to get washing basket, roller skate wheels, OH large winter boot and platform 9 3/4..

    Then thinks do I really want Sandra spying on my rather large underwear on the shelves in my wardrobe.... Aha will ask moffy for one her moth eaten fur coats to cover them up

    Nice plan Kaz... Now I just need my OH to rig it up

  • Shipment of fur coats on its way from my historic family residence, Motheaten Manor.

    They should be more than adequate to cover your undies, especially if you patch the moth holes with black masking tape.

    After my recent experiences, I recommend a wreath of garlic round your neck to keep Sandra at bay - it works OK on vampires, so it's worth a try. It would probably ward off unwelcome advances from the Master of the house, as well!

    Yours garlickly - Moffy xxx

  • Have donned the least moth eaten coat and a tiara I found lying around in the admins dressing room am now going out on mobilty scooter , sprayed gold to resemble royal carriage to buy garlic... Hope I don't fall asleep before I make it home with the garlic....

    A) I might crash

    B) Sandra might swoop down and pinch more of my beauty sleep, Sandra is 157 I LOOK 157 its so unfair

    VG x

  • That DOES it!!!! my sons two staffies are sleeping in MY room tonight!!!! if that redhead next appears to be a bit bedraggled and covered in 'slobber' you'll know she has definately visited me and the dogs have licked her near to death!!!

  • Good idea it would be nice to see Sandra less than immaculate ... I would coat my window sill in snake poo to stop her but it smells so bad and is not very hygienic.....

  • I am much maligned! I am innocent!

    as you may know I am secret agent mrs b and have been secretly cloned by a snake carrying double agent.

    each night I do not sleep but by day I cannot wake, - this I now believe is by a hand not my own - there is an aroma of knock-out drops in the air, slightly snake-ish.

    I need a centurion to keep me safe and prove beyond doubt 'tweren't me.


    mrs b - applying to be licensed to use snake repellent.

  • Aha but you don,t deny being 157 and looking so wonderful,

    Snake wielding agent 006.5


  • heck no!

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