I hope that you all will join me in wishing our highly esteemed volunteer Moffy a really big HAPPY BIRTHDAY. As you can see she has been turned into a very colourful moth for the occasion :-) :-) :-)

No doubt she will be living up to her high living reputation and be painting the town red in a riotous fashion.

Happy Birthday Moffy, have a really lovely day and come and tell us all about it tomorrow, that is if you can lift your head off the pillow !!

Muchly Foggy xx

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  • Happy Birthday to you.........Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Tannels x

  • Awhh - thank you so much for remembering! I am now officially 'elderly' so can behave even more disgracefully than usual.

    Will tell all tomorrow .....Waheeeeeey!

    Moffy x

  • Happeeeeeeeee Birthday Moffy,have a lovely day! xxx

  • Happy birthday, Have a wonderful day.

  • Happy Birthday have a wonderful day and year ahead xx

  • A Happy Birthday dear moffy have a good one xxgins

  • Many happy returns of the day to you. Have a good one.


  • Have a great birthday Moffy,

    Hope you are celebrating in your usual decadent fashion?

    Tel all tomorrow if you are sober


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Moffy hope youve had a fab day and continue to have a great eve, as the other girls say tell us all about it tomorrow, will look forward to it, Gentle hugs coming you way ....Dee xxx

  • Happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. you look so young!!

  • Happy Birthday Moffy. Hope you've had a lovely day and evening! xx

  • Happy Birthday Moffy xx

  • Happy Birthday Moffy!! :)

  • Oops sorry missed it Moffy (can't seem to get foggy head round new site). Hope you had a fab day and you're not paying too badly for it today x

  • Happy birthday, sorry it's late but couldn't access the site yesterday, not sure why. Hope you had a lovely day x

  • Happy Birthday may this be your year of meaningful things to keep your spirits up x

  • Happy Birthday dearest Lady Moffy!! Hope it was a real blast and you haven't got too bad a head today!!! XXXX

  • Thank you all, my friends, for your good wishes. I had a lovely time, and not a trace of a headache as no drop of booze passed my lips!

    My feet are another matter - we went to a nice restaurant so I decided to put on heels. I must have walked all of 200 yards as the place is almost next door, and I have managed to blister a toe, and both feet feel as though they've been bashed with a hammer.

    I wouldn't mind, but the heels in question were M&S Footgloves - comfort guaranteed! Oh, for the days when I was like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and could run in stiletto heels.

    Ah well, I'm 65 now, and all things must pass!

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