Lump in neck - where did that come from?

Been in a flare for the past week - my first 'recognised' flare since being newly diagnosed. Before joining this forum/my dx I just thought my worsening symptoms were very' bad' days as opposed to just bad days! Anyway I think I may have been fighting off a virus too - had very bad sinus problems, with jaw numbness and the problem has extended down my neck where a lovely lump popped up - this was accompanied by feelings of pressure in all aforementioned places along with my head. So was this a flare? Or was it just a virus? Or was it both? The lump has reduced a bit today - it's definitely not a gland as I often have swollen glands - I think it is a lymph node but never had this before. Fibro is the equivalent of what Brian Cox says about the universe - infinite, with endless possibilities. I can't keep up with my fibro self - there something new every day.

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  • HI there, as a new fibromite i would advise getting a lump in your neck checked out if its new to you.... It probably is just a virus there have been plenty going around, but please don't just think oh it's just a virus or fibro and ignore it if its a new symptom... I,ve had fibro 23 years and I still bug my GP with new things that pop up ... Turns out my fibro neck spasm which I have been battling for four years is actually arthritis so new meds for me

    Hope you feel better soon


  • It sounds like a lymph node, melodypond - and this may be due to your sinus problems, as infections often cause enlarged lymph nodes.

    However it's very important that you get this looked at by your doctor, as it could be a symptom of several disorders which need fairly prompt treatment.

    Brian Cox is delicious, isn't he? His wife is a very lucky girl! >>>Jealous<<<<< :(

  • Yes I agree to echo other posts, please see your GP who will check the lump out and hopefully reassure you. It's always best to get these things checked just to make sure that nothing else is causing this.

    Calm down Moffy, don't get too excited lol! :P ;) xxx

  • thanks for advice - yes going to ring the doctors tomorrow though it usually takes a few days to get seen so no doubt it will have gone altogether by the time I get to actually see the doc. And re: Brian Cox I know many women who love him yes but he's not my mug of horlicks - I'll you have him ladymoth!

  • Yep that goes for me too MP, he's lovely but not my cuppa either. Moffy is welcome lol! ;) xxx

    Hope it goes well for you tomorrow MP xxx

  • I've had two lumps pop up in my neck recently. Dr said they're lymph nodes which is basically the technical term for gland. GP asked if I'd had a virus, bad throat or sinuses recently as that would explain it but I have been well apart from bad fibro flare. She said if I get more or they get bigger I must go back especially as I have no real reason for them. I'm on chemo and immunosupressant injections weekly and unfortunately my specific immunosupressant can cause nasty things with the lymphatic system especially as I have a family history but as you've been under the weather I really wouldn't worry too much XXX

  • Hi there, yes I know EXACTLY where you are coming from about the lump in your neck... I have one too. I had it looked at by doctors and even a specialist, but they couldn't pin point what it is. I still have it. It isn't awful painful, but I do get nagging headaches from it's general area. I would advise you to get it checked out... but as some other fibro sufferers have said, it could be (like mine) a lymph node. I too feel like I could write a book worth of symptoms of fibro and the list just seems to increase. Feel better soon.

  • Hi ,im pretty new to this also and i read but never post..i too have a lump in my neck that causes me headaches but mine is in the back of my neck on right side of spine,i guess you can say connected to my spine and its either shaped like an 8 laying on its side or its 2 of them,ive noticed they/it flares up when i have a headache up the back of my neck and head and right temple.its just horrible like a very back stiff neck.. are all of you talking about the front of your necks?? im in the process STILL of being diagnosed as they take their time doing so,an i live in pain family dr. told me to tell neuro's i have inform him of my diagnosis or to what they are leaning towards and when i said it to neuro 1 was there at the time.he was like kinda ummm didnt wanna tell me ive even asked him in past an got no awnser.well ends up to be that he said i have Fibro. and or it felt good in a way to be told what my problems were linked to..but then when i called my family dr. they said all the neuro. said i had in the computer was fibro. i wonder why he did that?? im lost ,this fibro. and neuropathy are both very dont even care to check into or ask about my shaking anymore? once again im i also drive 2 hrs away to a better known hospital to a neuro specialist.for my memory.ITS HORRIBLE..i sat there 8hrs now i haveto go back again for another 3hrs.ughh..i soooo dont wanna go ...thanks for letting me vent and ask a question on where lumps located at :)

  • its the size of the side of a golf ball.and around here you have to wait months to get in to see the neuro's...ughhh

  • Hi, I get a lump in my neck also. It's very very strange, what happens is it's like a part of my oesophagus pops out, feels like it's chocking me and then I push it back in and it's gone!! I have a double jointed thumb and this is the same feeling, double jointed neck?

    I don't go doc's very often now and when I do I always forget to mention it. Agree with comments above get things checked out and put your mind at rest.

  • That happened to me, and the reason was a benign cyst on my thyroid. If it recurs or doesn't go, see your Dr. If its a cyst, don't be scared, they are hardly ever malign - the dr will send you for an ultrasound scan and might drain the thing (feels like having an injection and takes about 20 mins at most). I had to have mine removed after several attempts at draining but it was unusually large. The removal proceedure was very short and just involved an overnight stay in hospital

  • My neck came up like a balloon last June and the doc diagnosed Mumps. I thought this was odd at the time as I had had it as a child, but went along with it until, the neck went down, but left several lumps still in my neck. After two seperate bi-opsies and MRI, they decided the best they could do was to remove them, so on December 5th 2012, I had the parotic gland removed along with these lumps. They were sent away for testing and came back as NOT cancer, but probable from a serious virus. They are now sending me to the Infectious diseases department on Wednesday, to try and find out what they are. So, although yours is probably nothing like this, PLEASE, DO go to the doctor , if only to put your mind at rest. Hope yours is nothing x

  • I have a swelling behind my ear feels like a gland and is very painful, Also I get really bad pain in my neck can be either side and affects my speaking and very painful when I use my jaw feels like swollen glands, this happens quite often, lasts a few days then dissappears. I always put it down to fibro. The thing is if I phone the DR I cant get an appointment for a few weeks so it's been and gone before I see him. BUT it is probably best if you get it checked out at the Dr.

  • I would agree getting it checked out is the right thing to do. My daughter often gets them when she is fighting infections such as now, but we get them checked from time to time. I hope things get better soon for you xxxxx

  • hi, i also have lump in back of neck that seems to get bigger then smaller. gp said nothing to worry about ?. anyway was wondereing if anyone new about foreheads, ie, left side of forehead is fine but if you move across to right side mt front of head is bigger than other side ? you can actually feel the difference, does anyone else have this, as i dont know if its to do with fibro, get all the usual headaches, migranes etc, even have some nosebleeds,also eye stuff, etc etc, anyone know ?? thanks,

  • Last year I had the same lump on the right side of my neck, my doctor said it is fibro from stress. She said wait a little while, get some rest and it will subside and it did.

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