Kidney problem or fibro?

Hi there, I wanted to ask a question to fibro sufferers. I have fibro and at the moment I have excruciating back pain in an area that is not normally so bad. Now, I slept on a blow up bed on the floor on monday night (stupid i know -one of those I'm fine moments) and felt the pain the next day, it improved the day after that but came back with vengeance after that! I associated it with fibro and sleeping on the floor but the friday before that monday i felt I might have a UTI, hurts a little when I pee but there is no urgency or other typical signs. I have no fever. My whole body hurts like a flare and this back pain is really really bad. It is around the area of my right kidney. Now it is probably very likely to be fibro... but of course I have not gone to dr because i hate going and assumed it was fibro. Had i not had fibro I would have gone. Has anyone else had a kidney problem (stones, infection etc) and how (if they did) did they tell it apart from the fibro. We are so used to being in pain it is probably quite dangerous to assume everything is fibro! I was just looking for other people's experiences with telling a new problem from the fibro. And whether any one else had a similar experience and what the outcome was. :-)


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13 Replies

  • I tend to get similar symptoms, I was so dehydrated too and spent 3 days on the couch, to avoid hospital, I had to continuously drink water until I was rehydrated. If you have recently been on antibiotics, I always get an infection after and make sure you eat has on some of meds we have they can make you feel ill. If you are in doubt, see your GP. Always best to check x

  • It is sad isn't it how we avoid seeking help, we avoid feeling a burden or avoid GPs looking at us like we're making it up. You can't win, when I've been seen and burst out crying and was in a state I got told I was just depressed and that was causing pain. I normally go in well dressed, make up on with a positive vibe and of course then it's assumed I'm not really that bad. You can never win! Thank you for sharing your experience :-)

  • Hi Charlie,

    You have a good head on your shoulders, so make sure it is not something more than fibro by visiting a gp that is 'fibro friendly'. Later on in life you learn how to 'read' your body. There is a website 'somewhere', I saw it once, with names of surgeries and gp's that understand the whole situation. Keep taking care of yourself and look as well as possible, I do the same because this makes me feel better.

    With kindness and regards


  • I've never had a kidney stone, thankfully, but I hear the pain is unbearable and classed as an emergency, have had many kidney infections though and I think it's a completely different sort of pain, drink as much water as you possibly can to flush it all out and to keep hydrated, keep warm and take painkillers if no better definitely make an appointment with the Doctor .

  • Thank you for your advice. I think it depends on how big the stone is etc but I have been in agony and to be honest was very close to calling an ambulance (I've become stubborn, I would have driven anyone else to hospital but for myself I avoid as much as possible). You can pass a stone yourself by keeping very hydrated. Again if the stone is small enough and you don't end up with an infection too.

    I think you're right, I think I was very dehydrated and it might be a mixture of fibro and perhaps a little stone or mild infection. I haven't been taking my pain killers due to TTC but I obviously had to. (cocodamol only though). I actually have had some relief at times. I have not left the house all week (luckily had a week holiday anyway). I actually just rolled on a muscle knot remover type thing which killed but may have helped something (also took painkillers just before so not a good test although I often don't get much relief if any from painkillers) but I do feel better than I have for a few days which is interesting if that roller has helped. Never used it before today. Hopefully it is just the stupid fibro and I'm not ignoring a kidney problem! I am drinking lots will keep taking painkillers regularly and resting as I have been and keep monitoring.

    Sorry you get kidney infections, no one needs more pain. :-( Thank you for your advice :-) x

  • You're welcome, and good luck hope it clears up very soon, take care and get plenty of TLC. 😃

  • Hi charlie9,

    Totally agree with arymretep😊also had many kidney infections and water infections, you don't want to leave it too long to get advice...

    All the best Steve

  • I think it's time to see Doctor if it is causing that much pain over and above normal or what passes for normal for one of us! Lol

    Because we have rundown auto immune systems we can pick up other nasties along the way. Mine is pnumonia and I am hospitalised about every other year and I hate hospitals !

    You can't deal with it until you know what you are up against so I recommend getting to the Drs or A&E as soon as you can.

    We have to remember to look after our whole health not just the Fibro.

    Best of luck


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I know that you do not like going to the doctors but this is one of those things that it may be bets to get checked just to rule other conditions out of the equation. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hey, charlie9! you need to get in!

    I have had what you describe, and both times (twice, now) have had kidney stones. However I did pass blood & clots ... (Sorry if TMI, guys!). Both followed w/UTI & bladder infection, so given antibiotics. First time went to ER (was on holiday and called my home doc who advised me to go right in to Hospital/Emergency Room); second time only went to Emergency Clinic, bc I knew the symptoms.

    Never had a bladder infection before ...( I take Topiramate, for migraines, which can cause kidney stones.)

    I think you should seek medical attention ~ if they see it's serious at doc's office or clinic, they will send you on to emergency!

  • Only just saw your post my late evening in US ... If this has gone on this long, "waxing and waning" as we say here, I think you should see someone. If it isn't anything but Fibro, , the fact that you are having that severe and unusual and different type pain deserves attention. Do NOT feel guilty!

    And I put on nice clothes and make-up, too, even if it takes a couple hours to do so! (I've had to lay down in waiting rooms w/a migraine killing me, but I look great doing it!)

    So get yourself in, girl!

  • I recently had same problem and I did go to my PCP. She said best bet to go to emergency room to have all tests done for kidney stones and gall bladder. Dr, said I have neither but as been dealing with bronchitis that what I was feeling was more than likely pleurisy. My PCP was surprised by the diagnosis and wants me to come back to see her to go over issues to see where to go to next.

  • I have fibro and yes I get kidney infection all the time go to your doctor

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