We are all stronger than we think

Hi all, I just felt like putting up a word of encouragement to everyone. I was just feeling a bit sorry for myself when it occurred to me that inside I,m just the same as I ever was. I think I have been letting fibro take me over in my mind until I was fibro instead of me who has fibro. Inside I,m just the same Silly, funny, daft, clever, creative and irritating person I ever was. So, if it helps, when you,re having a bad day or a flare, look inside and find that spark of yourself that,s still there, nothing can take that away. With love. Xxxx

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  • Hi,

    The bit of me that is always around... well pretty much always... is my sense of humour. Always gets me through the bad times and is a big part of who I am now and who I've always been.

    Pip xx

  • Oh thank god for a sense of humour, can,t do without it! Xxx

  • Good on yer, gal. Got it in one. Take life like a terrier, round the throat and laugh in its face - even if you don't feel like it. You could be my late cancer friend talking. She went on a world tour with half a pharmacy in tow.

    And actually you are allowed to fell sorry for yourself, and run out of coping ability sometimes

    That was truly inspirational. x

  • Thank you my waterlogged friend, yes of course it's ok not to cope because that,s part of our personality isn,t it? ... and to stop that grimace that goes for a smile when you say 'I,m fine, how are you? And then they b well tell you in technicolor! One day I decided that I was going to spend that day telling everyone how I really was, so when the first person asked I said 'I,m cr..p' he looked so shocked it was quite funny, then he gathered himself and, being a man (sorry men on here) proceeded to tell me what was wrong with me! That look was worth it though! Xxxxxx

  • I agree with Fenbadger. It's only been the last 12 months that I've come to change the way I think about me and the condition. The emphasis is much more on me, with less power (or thought) given to the fibro! I know to live the best I can at this point I have to pace, which for the most part I have learned to do. Sometimes I overdo it, but I accept there's a price to pay. It's not great at the moment as I'm looking after our poorly dog and so that's added stress and physical duties that have to be carried out day and night. So yes, I am tired at the mo and in a fair amount of pain (diazepam just taken), but I'll get through it :) xx

  • Hi wildwoman

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Thank you so much for your very inspirational post, and you are absolutely right. However, I always think when we feel sorry for ourselves it is because we genuinely know inside, that there is something wrong and it needs fixing.

    Mind you, my insides are currently full of biscuits. I didn't miss them last night as I was still snoring away after my anesthetic.

    I also wanted to say to you that I feel that you are a valued and treasured member of our community, and your contributions are always first rate and top drawer.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you so much ken. How are you after your op? Did it go well? Glad to have you back, biscuits and all! Xxxx

  • Hi wildwoman

    My operation went really well thank you. I really appreciate you asking. I am quite sore and with a bit of pain but I am walking a bit better already.

    Thank you

    Ken x

  • Hi I agree it takes over your life if you let it, good on you!

  • That's brilliant wildwoman and so true we do need reminding sometimes who we are :) Thank you.

    I am the lady who lives down the lane lalallalallla


  • I think the only time that I have ever felt sorry for myself was 30yrs ago. i was in my 20s and my body was producing too much spinal fluid causing too much pressure on my brain,The result was a brain hemoerage, they told me later that a sneeze would have killed me.I then had the worst headaches and brain fog, much worse than with fibro.It took 3yrs to recover and it was a long time before I believed that I would make a full recovery.

    Since then I have had pneumonia, a trachiotomy a stroke and of cause fibro and every thing that goes with it. But I am alive every one of these except fibro could have killed me and i am still here.

    I am in constant pain but I have had worse the headaches and fog I can manage.The fatigue is a pest. But I am alive and it always throws me when people say how unlucky I have been. NO I have been lucky,and luckier still to have found this site and the people on it. and seeing the funny side of things makes it even better Hugs to all Sue

  • I think you,re the inspiration, it just shows the strength of the human spirit! xxxx

  • Here here! I think you are all brilliant and inspirational xxx

  • No I am just me. I had years of good health inbetween illnesses those I admire are those who have suffered for most of their lives and can still smile, laugh and joke sue

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