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telling docs about my fibro symptoms in the morning, all the small things that hasn't cross my mind till now. where do i start ?????????????

telling docs about my fibro symptoms in the morning, all the small things that hasn't cross my mind till now. where do i start.

hes knows ive got bad knees as hes sending me to orthopedics..

Do i bring up i think ive got fibro or just give him the missing pieces? as i'm scared what he will say?

also i think ive had ptss last year after i lost my business and split with my partner at the same time.

i just thought it was normal to be angry and have nightmares ect. after i stress full time..

where do i start??????x.

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Hi there missjones,i always & i mean always write down à list of My smyptoms as i always forget what to say and get fibrofog. It helps me .... Good luck xx


thank you, im not very good with my words. should i tell him about fibro? or just leave it up to him?x


To be honest im not sure,if you have à good relationship with your Dr then you could mention it. Sorry im not much help xx


hi missjones I agreewith soozie, write down anything that you want to ask your gp, as well as being a record of your symptoms at the time, it may also help as a reminder of his replies to your questions. It may also help if you could take someone with you. Don't be scared, they are there to help you.

best of luck xx


thank you very much xxx


Hello Missjones, I would personally suggest that you write everything down, all your symptoms, your worries, about Fibro, your worry about PTSS (sometimes called PTSD). Also jot down what meds you currently taking too, although this should of course be on your GP's computer system. It pays to know yourself though too.

As TK suggests, you could perhaps take someone with you as it doesn't make your visit so much of a worry. Thanks for the suggestion TK.

I hope it all goes well for you Missjones, please let us know how you get on.

(((hug))) xxx



Just to echo everyones useful advice, i have lists about which lists i am writing and would be totally in cuckoo land lol Lists are the fibro way to go. Much Love Charkii xx


Thank you very much, I'm fine now with ptss,looking back now I know I had it.even I fell out with one of my friends from my angry actions.I'm not , angry person at all,so that was odd. I think that might have trigger fibro off xx


Hi eveybody, he's not to botherd, told me just to take pain killers and do a water sample xx


hi missjones, sorry to hear your GP was unsympathetic, maybe you should give some thought to changing to another one.



he was very understanding but he was just so confused cause of my aches and pains some times water infection make you have strange things going off, seeing orthpedics on tueday about my old knee injury so I'm gonna tell him and see what he knows as my doc thought I might have arthritis! Been having elbow pain all day,all down inner sides like funny nerve pain but I hurt to touch. I'm gonna get him to have a good check and cause my knee xrays are all clear. I'm 25. He might know more about fibro then my doc , my elbows hurt more then my injuryed knee and my good knee with no injury hurts more at the sides them my injuryed one! Its all confusing me too ha.

I think you have to look on the bright side, its hard but it does make u feel better.

its not

Same sh*t, diffrent day. Its different pain,different day x

( Sorry for bad spelling for some reason I can't think how to spell today) x


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