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Where did that come from?

My goodness I ended up in A&E last night. I had been absolutely fine all day and then BAM the pain in my lower tummy..had to go in ambulance the pain was so bad. Turns out I have a water infection!!!! A water infection with all that pain...WOW!!

Anyhow I arrived back home about 3ish this morning loaded up with more pills.

Oh well no work for me and my feet up for a couple of days!

Hope everyone else if good?

Jax :)

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its suprising how much pain we can get, take it easy , hope you feel better soon, xxx


oh no ,hope you feel better soon ,water infections are funny things xxx


Bless you hope you feel better soon xx they say lemon barley water is good for water infections xx take it easy n big gentle hugs xxxx


Hi oh i quitwe believe it as i had a text on thursday at 1 am saying my eldesyt daughter was talken by ambulance with my sonin law as the pain she had in her tummy was ssooooo bad she could not move she wondered what on earth was going on they let her out at 6 am with a very very strong course of anti biotics 4 days worth and she had a severe water infection so snap you know how she must have felt then must be going round she is well on the mend now in fact 24 hours later she could not believe how good she felt so i hope you are the same love to you diddle x


Hey Jax, gentle hugs.

You have my utmost sympathy. I do hope you are feeling much better now.

About 20 years ago I had a dreadful pain suddenly start in my back - so bad the pain and sudden onset and being midnight and a single mum of toddlers - I called the out of hours surgery and they were sending a doctor ASAP - as well as calling them - I called the girl's father - in case I was to be sent to hospital - When the doctor came out eventually, my ex was already with me - and the pain had gotten so bad I could not stay still - not even to let the doctor examine me. I was almost delirious with the pain - The doctor said it was a kidney infection, gave me two mild Co-Codamol and left saying if the pain did not go by the time my own doctor's surgery opened - then I was to ask my own GP for more pain meds! I paced and paced waiting for the meds to work - and the hours later and no relief I passed out from exhaustion - my ex not at all concerned - typical - and as I slept stayed on the sofa until the girl's and I were awake and I demanded he drove me to get more powerful pain meds I was given enough just to get me through the day. No sending me to hospital - but back home and told the infection's pain was worse than it's bite! - As turned out - by the next morning the pain was gone - But It's not one I'd like to repeat! But what a difference 24 hours makes eh?


Carol xx


Thanks everyone...I was back at A&E last night...why do these things always get worse at night? Anyhow infection spreading and not responding to antibiotics, so given stronger pills and pain killers and sent on my way. I was a a bit annoyed as I had a temp, my BP was up and clearly in pain but made to wait 31/2 hours..!! anyhow hopefully things will improve.

thanks again Jaxx :)


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