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Where did I go wrong?

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia just 3 weeks ago, but think I've had it for some time.

Had to go private for a diagnosis as 8 month NHS wait to see a Rheumatologist. Haven't seen GP as they've been useless in the past and I've had bad reactions to meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol so very unwilling to risk any more horrendous reactions.

Felt OK yesterday,went out for coffee with a friend and it was a very small trip out. Felt fine when I got home so , perhaps stupidly, I drove about 5 miles to a DIY store, picked up 2 buckets of cement and made a base for a garden umbrella. Then moved some rubbish in the garden. Still felt OK but had tea, settled down for the evening and fell asleep just after 11. Not a bad nights sleep, thanks to magnesium spray, I think.

Different story today--- can barely hobble around the house, headache, neck pain and my ears are throbbing. Paracetamol and ibuprofen barely take the edge off the pain and the only thing that seems to illicit a tiny improvement is drinking Lucozade.

Were the few things I did yesterday just too much ? Will it always be like this ?

I'm reading as much as I can, feel I can cope with the leg, hip, back, rib pain but the headaches bring me to my knees.

At the moment I'm just taking turmeric daily. I did have an identified B12 deficiency but feel that should be high enough now.

Any advice gratefully received.

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Welcome to the club nobody wants to be in. We are generally a cheerful happy bunch but on bad days we support each other. Feel free to ask anything at all no question too silly or trivial. We have all had to learn through trial and error and with guidance from some of the great folk on here.

Oh dear poor you. The hardest part of fibro is learning to pace oneself. Try epsom salt in the bath - it really does help with the muscle pain. Also have you had your Vitamin D checked. If it is low then it will make aches and pains worse.

One of the hardest things is learning to say "no". You will learn when agreeing to do something will result in the next few days being a total wipeout. Friends who matter will understand and support you. If they don't then they aren't the friends to bother about.

I have a sugar free, gluten free, processed foods free diet. Hard at first but it has reaped benefits for me. I do not use prescription drugs as so far I have found nothing worth the side effects I seem to suffer with them. I use a hypnotherapist and a chiropractor. You were fortunate in getting your diagnosis so quickly. I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago but started the search for what was wrong in 1987!

It will take time and all I can say is be kind to yourself and don't push yourself to do too much. I am sure others will be along soon to give you more practical advice

take care



That sounds like a normal Fibro reaction to 'over-doing it' the day before I'm afraid. I had visitors yesterday which was really lovely, but I'm so tired today!


Welcome to the forum.

I think your cement mixing days might be over unless you want to suffer the consequences. I used to be a real "hod carrier" would tackle any job but now I find anything that involves lifting something a bit heavy or bending down cripples me and a few hours later I start to suffer and we won't mention what it does to me the next day. Realistically we know certain days we will ahve to do things that make us suffer eg I have about 5 hours at the hospital with hubby tomorrow which I hadn't expected. if I had known I would have rested today to try and put some reserve energy in the tank.

Pacing is the key and also deciding what we can or can't do and either deligating the rest or failing that paying someine else to do it. It takes some getting used to I still struggle to remember that I can't do what I used to do. Fibro can have its swings and roundabouts so you might find sometimes you can do more than others but you have to learn to listen to your body and stop before you become tired and in pain.x


Hello and welcome to our lovely forum.

There are lots of friendly lovely supportive people.

Please do take a look at our mother site


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Love and best wishes



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Thanks very much for all your replies.

This inability to do things I've always done has hit me like a ton of bricks. I've felt feeble, weak and pathetic all day, picking up a bit now ( typical now it's nearly "bed time" when I've been in bed for hours).

This is going to take a lot of getting used to.

Will it ever go away ? Or do you just adapt to it?


Hi 06hollyberry

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

I am so truly sorry to read that you have been suffering and struggling as a result of this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thank you. It's so helpful to have sites like this, really helping my to understand this miserable condition.


Hi welcome, u find will find this group very helpful and so very supportive an u will also find I'm am a crazy hatter, I no it's hard an u feel so frustrated as that's how I felt intil I found this group, I'm the one who always has something crazy to say, I hope u find some rest an peace and I'm always here if u would like a chat luv from shib x

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Thank you. In a way I'm quite relieved to know what's wrong with me. And now realise I have to take this pacing thing seriously. I keep telling myself it could be worse. I'm retired, so no work related problems, and live alone so only gave my 2 dogs to consider. I'm told them they've got to lower their expectations of me!


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