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Bad Skin

Hiya everyone i hope u all r getting ease from the pains for a while x I would just like to ask this wee question coz its just something i have noticed myself especially over the past 3 years......"Does anyone else get an outbreak of really bad spots? I dont just mean a normal wee spot like anyone else would get, these spots i get are very severe and leave purple stains on my skin its not like i squeeze them and that would leave a wee scab this is big purple stains and it takes ages to go away". Why im askin this question is because as soon as i get these spots i get my pains. If its a bad outbreak of these spots then i know my fibro is gonna b bad if spots arent too severe i know my fibro is gonna b manageable. i seem to get them roughly 10 days before my flare up. Please if anyone else can relate to this please let me know as my hubby says he doesnt think its related but its same pattern every time.

Now my rant is over lol. so please anyone if you agree or this happens to you would u mind letting me know.

many thanx

sonya xx

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Yes just lovely bad enough that I am 59 with out acne as well

God knows what I look like in the morning bent like some one

Of 90 face full of spots wrinkle face, hair stuck out all ways

Model of sex on legs I think and if people could see me they

Would be very jealous.

I seem to get this when I get a flare all my skin seems to itch

But spots on my face and not just one or two, some times my

Face is sore as well it takes so long to go away seems to scar

My face and takes months to go completely

Ha I know my husband still fancies me cause he often says

In the morning oh my god just look at you.

Love viv


lol thanx for getting back to me viv x when i say im glad someone else has the skin complaint i dont mean that in a bad way i just mean that now i dont feel alone with this complaint x

awwww ur hubby must love u so much viv xx my hubby same with me but he thot i was just paranoid bout the spots thats why i wanted to ask everyone on here x

thanx again for getting in touch its meant a lot x

sonya x


And yes it can be related


If you look at the NfA which is the national fibromalygia association

It will tell you that spots are a thing with fibro it's worth looking at

Anyway full of information about the best I think.

Just put it in google and you will find the address its good


I've got loads of white bubble type spots, especially around my eyes and eyebrows. Don't know what is causing them ... but they have ruined my complexion and I have noticed people have stopped saying I look young for my age, it all catches up with you in the end I guess and Fibro is not a generous condition.

Try Sudocreme on the acne type pimples - it is supposed to be very effective.

Julie xx


Have you had your cholestrol checked latel? I get these quite a bit and sure enough when I go back my chol is up again. They say to get these around the eyes/eyebrows is sign of it being up. I also get them on my fingers so I know it is high then xxxxx


I haven't had spots like described above. I get the odd one on my chin, always have had, but I can honestly say since being diagnosed with Fibro I don't get any more than the very odd pimple and that's probably too much choccy. :P

I guess we are all different and not all of us are affected the same.


And here we are in national chocolate week lol xxxxx


Hi there Sonya, yes i get lots of spots & they are mostly the horrible big pimple variety that hurt while they get bigger! I regularly get them on my face, chest & back (i have 4 lge ones on my face at mo -looks delightful!). I've been getting them for a few years now & i'm 38, not a teenager! I'm not actually sure whether they come at the same time as a flare up, i've not thought about that before, but will keep an eye on that now. I have always thought they are more hormone related. It's bad enough with Fibro/spondylosis & other probs without having spots to make us feel totally self conscious too! I've tried so many different face washes, moisturisers, soaps, shower gels/cremes, spot creams & nothing seems to work. Have you found anything that helps your skin improve?

Warm regards, Georgina x


hiya georgina sorry am late repling x the only thing that has helped me is a bottle of cleansing lotion called "clean & clear" its a blue watery soloution. then a tube of "hit the spot". the tube of hit the spot cream goes on about 10 mins afta the lotion. inside 2 or 3 days the redness wud go a bit. if my spots r really bad nothing works :(

hope this helps a wee bit xx

sonya x


I do noot get many spots, no more than when forst diagnosed. But I do get those white around the eyes/eyebrows like Julie gets. They(the white ones that is) are apparently cholestrol related xxxxx


mmm. I have small waxy ones around nose. Local college says it is something called filia and the beauty students can get rid of them for you.


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