just saying hi not wrote here for long time

well just here to say hi again not wrote for long while hubby still not well had sepsis this yr in bowel so now has stoma to deal with and his ttp and barrets osphagus and ddd in his back with arthritus he been really unwell last couple weeks he being sick every time he eats anything, had nurses out do bloods they say he very anemic and they think he got bleed some where for a while now ,he sleeps lot more than ever before so tierd altime dr going see him monday see about investigating this bleed iam holding it together as much as i can had bad flare for few weeks notice they seem longer and more painful now days dont know if thats cos i cant sleep worrying about him altime or just the ostio with fibro together and getting older hope everyone else not in to much pain. one day at time thats all i do take care all fibro sue xxxxx

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  • hi zippie, I hope they find out where the bleed is.

    have you asked about having carers / personal assistants coming in? they could make life a bit easier for you both.



  • hubby very funny about people strangers in house and seeing him he thinks hes ok which no doubt he will say to dr on monday but she knows him now i do have help from daughters as much as they can hugs sandra xxx

  • Bless you sweetie hope you get some respite and good positive news soon for both yourself and your hubby.thinking of you both healing hugs.xxx

  • thank you pinot hugs xxx

  • That's a heavy load for one pair of shoulders to bear! I hope very much they can get to the bottom of this asap. An understanding gp that knows you both well must be a god send.

    Take care, both of you! xx Tulip

  • thank you tulips hugs xx

  • I know how you feel, my hubby has been ill for three years after a liver infection damaged his heart. I don't sleep I get bad tempered with everyone and I have irritable bowel that drives me mad. He has just had a pacemaker fitted, but this will now cure him because the top half of his heart is dead. The pacemaker will keep his heart rate down from 90 to 60, but this will take about 6 weeks to achieve. I am glad of the support of my sons and friends but some times I feel so bad that I just want to give up. But the sun is shining and I can sit in my garden and pray for a better future.

  • iam with you on sometimes giving up my moto now is one day at time thats all i can deal with hope both our hubbys are better soon big hugs xxx

  • Hi Zips,

    Sorry to hear of your woes

    Hoping life will get much better for you soon.

    Bibi x

  • thankyou bibi hugs xx

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