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The early morning watch dog has trouble with her hips/ top of the femurs in both legs

Now this may be my herniated disc but I feel as if the femur is pushing down hard on to the rear of my bottom. Unable to move about it is really HORRID I am up to the max with pain killers so not sure the next step I suppose I can try the six pillow trick in bed now then it is not naughty - oh disapointment sorry - place four in stack behind you and two like a v upside down against pillows in you get sitting up another pillow under legs and wait.............

Now we do near to design new expletives I have always found Fur Trees useful or Blooming any one else please add surgestions.

I managed three hours asleep last night so brain may need more :)


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I quite like sugar puffs myself - not the cereal, the expletive!

So sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I hope you manage to find a more comfortable position soon.



i have had this for over a week.i woke up saturday(week and half ago)in most excruciating pain in my lower back,left buttock and leg and knee.I could not sit down even on the toilet.i used several expletives-none which i can print- .hot and cold compresses and i htink the microwave was in use all day long to heat wheat bags.was told it was sciatica or is it just another fibro thing?apart from walking my dogs which i could just about do i lay in bed as i couldnt sit down.after sitting ina car al day friday i wasnt able to get out of it.think the doctors ahve got some explainign to do-a private ultrasound scan showed i had gallstones and my dr refused to do any more scans six months ago!!


Hi Gins

Sorry to hear you are having a bad time also (VG is as well). Amazed at your choice of expletive, at least it was in capitals so gave a bit more power to it, Cant quite get the right feeling by saying sugar puffs as an expletive, no just doesn't do it, ah well to each their own.

Glad you explained about the pillows as I have tried that ad all it did for me was drop me on the floor (come to think about it, it was probably my wife doing it because she thought I was going to do something else with the pillows)

Best wishes and kindest regards



Hi Anbuma

Sorry to hear about your pains also. I remember you having problems with gall stones a while ago and wondered how you got on as I have not seen that post and if you have that still you must be in a real poorly way. Hope you feel a bit better soon.

When I submitted my last comment I was quite surprised to see yours before mine but then I realised how long it takes me to type these days.

Best wishes and kindest regards



HI Gins, hope you get relief soon.

Explitifs: flippity flop

farting frogs

darn it

:) :)


Poor you, Gins - hope you improve soon!

Expletives for your use:

Fanny Flippin' Craddock!

Bognor Regis!

Bill Hooks!


Some of them look a bit obscene - that makes them all the better!

Moffy x


So sorry to hear you're still feeling rough Gins, hope you are eventually managing to get comfy too, keep warm.

Hopefully there will be a long list of inoffensive expletives for you, there's a few great suggestions already to choose from!

I find the old fashioned "Gordon Bennett" helps me, who the heck was Gordon Bennett anyway?!

Will try to think of something better!

(((hug))) xxx


Love your suggestions Moffy, I used to live in Bognor Regis years ago lol! ;)


Haha - that's where they invented that delicious dish Spaghetti Bognor Regis! :)


Hiiiii Gins

Good morning or ouch you doing today

Bottom twitching herniditcher.

Pillows under feet pillows under arms poor Oh is grabbing on for life for edge of bed lol

Think kingsize will be moving in soon.

Its not a very nice experience i have in my neck which has been herendous so i do know the pain and my bottom half started few wks back could not walk at all then managed room to room then it eased but now walking is less and standing up is hard.

Base of spine and round hips the blights mighty little nasty twinges in both buttox

I walk as if am sneaking up on some one lol

Slurp slurp feet need steel feet .

Hope it eases for you gins

Do you use the wheat bags that heat up

You can get lavender ones too.

I too cannot go higher really with meds but hope pain management will give you injections??



My daughter always says flip when she is annoyed or hells bell and eleohant tails she says by the time she finishes saying it she has normally brought herself into control

I was taught as a child never to use bad words as women were not bred to swear I still flinch in a pub or public place when I hear ladies swearing badly and horror of horrors their kids swearing back at them wow I woukd have had crushed chillies in mouth lol

I moved here from Zimbabwe four years ago and to this day you wont find teenagers smoking in front of their parents or using bad words we know they use them but as a sign of respect they do not use them in front of us its called having a modem of control respect breeds respect

We still believe a short smart smack sorts out a lot of cheek

I am not the prude I sound like and keep my opinions to myself as each person has their own way of coping with life

oh I have rambled on again the keyboard and I seem to have a love affair going




Reading back my reply I sound a boring person lol hope you have found a way to cope with the pain both of my shoulder joints are totally worn with arithis and loud clicks can be heard when I move my arms sounds funny but hurts like crazy, this is always accompanied by severe pains and spasms in the upper arm and hands my leg s do this too feel like a clockwork mouse lying down is impossible most times

If you find a comfortable piosition write it in indelable ink in your mind and use it again soft hugz petal


Have you tried trigger point massage? A lot of people with fibromyalgia have Mysofascial Pain Syndrome (maybe three quarters) and trigger point massage can relieve pain rapidly - I taught myself from the book by Clair Davies called Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, you look for the area of pain in the book and then it tells you how to put pressure on the trigger point that is causing the pain, I can cope with almost all pain this way without any medication. The fibro causes the muscles to knot up, its excruciating enough to make you weep and not be able to do anything, but if you put pressure on the place on the muscle where the knot is, you can massage the knot away and with it the pain - sometimes I have relieved really horrendous pain in five minutes, other times it takes a few days to work on it. The Trigger Point may be a long way from the pain - for example, I had excruciating pain on the bottom of my foot and the trigger point was in my calf, so you need the book to tell you how to do it. I don't know why pain clinics don't teach this because it is really amazing, I couldn't believe it when it actually worked for me, now I do it regularly.


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