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Top of the Morning to you all

Well it is Monday and we are starting another week nearer to CHRISTMAS I think it is 14 weeks Scary

The wind is still howling hear what about where every one else is lets have weather around the country it might make us smile :)

This week we all need to be positive.-

I am positive I am going to be positive how about you?


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Morning gins, well it's sunny here in Waltham Forest London, at the moment, but we have been promised rain,AGAIN, and it is also quite chilly, but I'm guessing not as cold as it is where you are lol, soon we will all be donning our thermo's well I will anyways, .....Dee xx


Hi Gins

well its dry at the moment but v cold wind in Berwick upon Tweed.standing freezing in my garden whilst my dog eats his food-he likes to dine AL fresco ! struggling to be positive -not coping with ESA crap.



Chilly here in sunny/cloudy Angus, Scotland. I'm staying inside with the heating on :) Hasn't been as windy as I was expecting. Mind you, I haven't been outside to feel it. No howling last night though.

Feeling pretty positive today :)

Pip xx


Hiya Gins,it's pretty chilly here in Wiltshire,need to walk my dogs but really putting it off. I'm not sure about being positive but maybe I will give it a go,I like to think realistic instead :) xxx


Arghhhhh the "C" word on September :-(

It's sunny and showery in Yorkshire today :-)


ha ha! easier said than done, yep that's me saying that LOL

However, I completely agree with you :)

Keep smiling everyone

Fluffies are on me he he he chuckle



****sticks fingers in her ears and closes her eyes**** lalalalala

Please, like Bearess said, the "C" word in September ....nnnnoooooooooooooo. ;-)

Foggy x


Fingers in our ears and singing lalalalalallalal

...let's get bonfire night out of the way please ;-)

It's a cold and windy night in Yorkshire tonight folks .....brrrrrrr...autumn is on its way :-(

My windows are misting up !


Well I was not on here before but back now weather is blustery here in Wiltshire with down pours of rain ! The only positive thing I can say is ......I am positive it is raining lol ;-) only joking!! Positively getting somewhere with Dr's and physio,and Social all working together at last ;-)

Positive hugs from ((((((((((((((((((((( Rainbow ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


99 days!


sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh! please you'll scare people LOLOL :)




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