Memory Foam Matress/Pillow?

Hey everyone,

The pain associated with my Fibro is mainly in my neck and arms, and one of my biggest problems is that I can barely lay down in bed at night and have to vary my number of pillows to even try to get comfortable.

I am wondering if a memory foam Matress or pillow may help, does anyone on this forum have one or the other and does it help?


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  • Hi,

    My sister also has Fibro and she has a memory foam mattress which she says is brilliant.



  • No but I am considering getting one.

  • Hi there I ave a memory foam mattress, can't get on with the pillows, but I wouldn't swap my mattress for any thing, I've had it around 6 yrs could even be more, and it's still the same, it's a tempur one, hope this helps...hugs...Dee x

  • Hi there I spent two nights on one at my mums and on the first morning I woke up like a tortoise stuck on its back and when my OH was trying to correct me out of that position my knee came out of its socket. This was only a few weeks ago :o I had been thinking of getting one too but that experience scared me as at home we have separate rooms so if I get stuck and cannot reach my phone or something to bang on the wall with I'd be stuck.

    However I have heard excellent reviews about them and my mum said it was because it was brand new, I'm still not to keen ;) my knee never heals before its out of socket again so bad experience :(


  • the best thing I did was invest in a mattress topper , brought mine from john Lewis, the person in the bedding department was very helpful in how they all worked as they are all different , I went with the cool type foam one as they can get very hot, never looked back still have lots of pillows . id say go for it and treat your self to one you got nothing to lose, has help me lots hope this helps . happy hunting

  • I'm going to look into one now.

    Thanks everyone

  • Hi Lisa

    I have a memory foam topper, it was on offer in a discount shop and I love it. When my son changed bedrooms I got him a memory foam mattress, he loves it too, and which was on offer through a certain offers site which sends out daily offers, begins with a "g" and ends in "on". I can message you the name if you don't know of it.

    Good luck xx

  • i got a memory fom mattress about 18 months ago and its helped me a lot like others i couldnt get on with the pillows

  • i have a memory foam 3 inch topper which was very expensive and given to me by my brother and i would not swap it for the world. i have tried the memory foam pillows but they make my head sweat. i now have one of the metal things which they have in hospital to adjust the height of your head/neck i this is really good for me as i have osteoarthritis in multiple joints, including my neck along with fibro so maybe this may be worth a try. i got this through my occupational therapist.

  • Hi I suffered terrible neck pain until I tried a contour memory foam pillow it was a God send I also have memory foam mattress I personally think they are really good hope you find something to suit you soon xx

  • Hi, I couldn't cope without mine but I have a cool max one as I was told the standard one really made you sweat. It's heaven to just sink into with my electric blanket on and it's heaven :)

  • I love my memory foam mattress topper! I couldn't afford the whole mattress but the topper is 2inch thick and brilliant. Couldn't survive without it, for the first few years of Fibro I didn't sleep at all because of the pain but now its a lot easier to sleep.

    Never got on with the pillows but I do have travel mattress topper that I take with me when I sleep away from home.

    They feel really strange when you first try them, like you're going to sink in forever. You quickly get used to it, its so cushioning and gentle.

    It just makes survival possible for me xxxxx

  • Hi, If like me, you change positions a lot through the night, don't go for the mattress. It moulds round you and makes it very difficult to move about. I bought a mattress topper from a well known supermarket (starting with a and ending in i, 4 letters)!, not expensive at all and the best thing I ever did. X.

  • Hi, I don't have the mattress topper or mattress but do have a memory foam pillow as suffer with neck and shoulders. And I love it, really miss it when staying away from home.

  • Yes, a memory foam mattress is brilliant, I have one memory foam mattress and also I bought a more expensive one called a mirror foam mattress for another bed which was more expensive, but I prefer the mirror foam mattress. I also think that if you have a painful condition it is a good idea to have a wider bed if you regularly sleep with a partner, I find king size beds more comfortable.

  • Ditto judith on larger bed if sharing. I bought a memory foam mattress 3 years ago as so painful lying in bed, best thing ever. My neck and legs are most pain.hope this helps

  • I had a memory foam topper and loved it till my puppy ate it:'(

    I'm looking at getting a latex mattresses as I love my pillow as it is not so firm and I don't get hot

  • Hi, I like you suffer a great deal at night and then getting up in the morning. I researched mattresses and I bought an Ergoflex mattress they are designed specifically for Fybromyalgia sufferes. I was very sceptical about this thinking it would just be another sales gimmick. They are quite expensive but I waited until the sale and got mine half price( still quite expensive though). I can say that it is brilliant well worth the money. I've had memory foam before and that was good but after a while they start to get out of shape as only part was memory foam. This is multi layered of diff. Have a look online. It did help when getting up in the mornings I didn't appear to be in as much pain. However when I am in a lot of pain I don't think it really matters what you have some pain cannot be helped.

    Hope this helps.

  • A good pillow is just as important as a good bed for getting a good night’s sleep. Even though we rarely give a lot of thought to the pillows we use, buying the right pillow and positioning it correctly could be one of the most important parts of sleeping success. It is a very comforting feeling to have just the right pillow to rest an achy, tired body on. In addition to providing comfort, the right pillows can also give the necessary support for the neck and spine, alleviating or preventing many common forms of back and neck pain.

  • I did have a memory foam mattress but it was not one of the gel ones. I unfortunately found that the burning pains which I am prone to seemed to get worse as I felt overheated all the time where my body was in contact with the mattress. I also found it moer difficult to get out of. My husband also found it too hot. It could be as the others have said that one of the cooling gel type ones could do the trick for you.

    We are hopefully shortly moving house and I am going to take the opportunity of changing beds. Whilst on holiday some years back I had an extremely bad fall and was in agony so much that mid holiday I nearly asked to go home. The second week we moved cottage and they had one of these expensive electric beds that you can change your postion in and it was marvellous. The two halves worked independently so even though you were in a double bed you could operate the two halves as you like them. I found i really helped my legs and of course I could make it go up at the head end which made getting in and out so much easier. I think they do manufacture them with memory foam.

    Good luck with whatever you get and may the sleep come with no

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