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Oh to wake in the morning with a burst of energy to start the day

Once again the night has not renewed and refreshed my fybro struck bones more I

feel as if I have been out on the town, let me think it is s long ago since partying was part of my life in any way.

So here I am sitting at the table exhaution seems to be etched across my face leaving a mask which hides my true feelings. I am so wearie today - heavy eyed- every movement so much effort........... I wish for a spring in my step a laugh on my lips a smile to chase away the dawn.

Expresso downed no difference - just a thirst left with a dry mouth.

This situation is not me I need to chase it away some how I have things to do today .

Right soulders down head up first put phone on charge more coffee then

get dressed sort puddings for twenty right I am off now .......xgins :) power positive thought (yes please I will think of all of you and please consider me:) )

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Morning gins,,,, geez it must be the weather I don't even have the energy today to attempt a funny reply... Am dragging myself around to get ready for the decorator,, spent a year saving to get the living room redecorated to get rid of previous owners eclectic, eccentric ok ok blooming awful interior design a la 1980s pobably explains why my OH keeps coming through the door dressed as adam ant..... He,s lovely but no prince charming....though it explains where my make up goes.

Cn you make puddings for 21,,,, looks hopeful

VG x


puddings for 21 no not today have cheated and been to wholesaler and they now reside in freezer what a relief -------- do you fancy a pudding? xgin


Hi gins.

Had a woeful sleep myself last nite :-( ive just come down with a wee cold which as you know for people with fibro is akin to contracting the bubonic plague!!! My simple cold has triggered my sinuses which in turn has triggered a toothache which has triggered a fibro flare up!! So this mornin im sore, grumpy, chesty and throughly fed up. Too top it off ive to head into town to try and do some shopping, my mum is up from Derry staying overnite with my sis so I also have to squeeze in a visit to see her and put on an act of wellness as she worries so much about me and my health. Finally Ive to deliver a course to 10 teenage boys tonight on drugs and sexual health - cue the naughty school yard humour!!! Oh god I Just want to burrow back down into my bed and shut out the world!!! Im sooooo cranky i dont even like myself at the minute lol!! Heres hoping the mood improves and the aches and pains become a bit more bearable for us all :-)

Take care

Dixie xx


Oh Hu I know justhow you feel and crany is to gentle a word. At least the sun is now shinning here wich has lightened my load. I have gathered my self and made two trips one for train tickets for next week the othe puddings for Sat now getting ready to have leg dressed again.

Hope yoour day eases of too xgins


Gentle hugs to you all(((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))

I had a rough night too, although I'm afraid trying to be funny, (and yes, I do mean TRYING), is ingrained in my bones, (funny bones, get it?)!?!?

My humour, (I wouldn't dare to claim any taste), is my defence mechanism, so I'm afraid I'll always put my foot in something somehwere.

My eyes are not working well, I have been on this all morning, trying to catch up and I keep typing my words with letters alljumbled. I thimk I've managed to repair the mistakes but not sure so apologies for all gibberish, (it might be hard to tell what's what)!


Hope last night was better for you pottydog, I used to have a pottydog her name was Poppy I used to call her "littleheart" she was a sweet little dogs a rescue dog. She lived with us for 14 years bless her.

My eyes are playing up again too such a nuisance keep rubbing and trying to peer through haze - your gibberish was brilliant :) xgins


Hi Gins, i hate waking up feeling like this you just know that it won't go away,i felt very fatigued last week everything was an effort and i just felt lethargic and fuzzy! The past couple of days i have had more energy and not wanting to climb into bed every 5 mins,i will enjoy while it lasts and dread the next time i wake up and feel like lead from head to toe,i absolutely hate these symptoms and wish they would disappear for ever! Take care,hugs sent your way,Love Della xxx


Morning Della hope you rested better last night must admitt my night was very broken and in the end I got up the moon was shinning brightly and the stars are out and it is just coming up for 6am. Gentle hugs to you and a better day :) xgins


Can I be cheeky and ask what meds you are on? I'm on Amitriptyline and felt like this when I got my dosage wrong. I was taking 10mg more than I was supposed to. Also, when are you taking your meds? My evening meds make a lot of difference if I take them too late! I try very hard to take them at 7 or 7.30pm and my later ones before 9pm. At the moment I am having problems following this plan, which leaves me wiped out and asleep most of the morning and hardly any of the night!


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