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Early in the morning about 5.15 a strange sight could be seen in our village (I wonder who saw?)

What well came down as usual let the dogs out did not check the gate - yes it was wide open- well two hounds were happily wagging at my feet but one was missing -

so in my pjs and a poncho I dond my shoes grabbed a stick and took myself up the drive and stood there whistling wondering what to do.

Cars flew past and after about 7 mins felt like twenty I saw a dark shape move down the village. She pottered back to me as if she had been on an outing - i was more concerned that she might have been clipped by a passing car. No in the light back in the kitchen she is none the worse for wear. Thank goodness adventure over I could put my heart back in the right place and start the morning again.

Morning all


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Just been on local news ... Villagers report sighting of a yeti......stumbling about in the early hours ..... ;)

VG x


We love our dogs so much don't we!


Very glad the story ended well! Our doggy disappears into the woods sometimes and I always fear the worst but he knows which side his bread is buttered on and always comes home! Jane x


I'm so glad your dog was ok gins!! :-)

It's always a heart-stopping moment when a pet wanders into danger or away for awhile - and they always seem to have a habit of just meandering back home with that air of complete and utter confusion at our concern... ;-) !!

Animal companions are such an enormous help in being able to cope with the isolation and challenge that illness brings & I, too, would have gone out my pjs to help one of mine!!

Love the bit about the yeti verygrumpy!! :-D



Our Staffy legs it and then doesn't come home. She is restricted to the back garden unless on a lead. My good girl, the collie/whippet is too bust rounding us up to stray too far. She has spent this evening cuddled up to me wathing my recording of The Paradise ... I think I might get hooked on that one. My first proper job was in a department store (Lewis's in Birmingham) and I've always had a bit of a love affair with Department stores.

Julie xx


when i finally felt confident to let Annie off her lead in the woods -she must have been about 6 months-and its next to a railway line she had gone bounding up the embankment (after rabbits?)and didnt come back for about 20minutes of calling her.panicking a bit at teh time cos of the railway line and derelict buildings beyond btuhse eventually came back safe and unharmed.!


I curse the delivery people when they leave the gate open especially when they know I have dogs.when Annie was a pup i let them out into the garden and then realised my gate was left open by someone .it was a fireworks night .and she ran straight out into the path of a car.thankfully the car wasnt speeding and she received only a couple of small wounds to her head.she did run up the next street in shock.managed to catch her half way along and carry her home.lots of cuddles required .


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