One of those a night that was tinged with hourly visits to the loo was I in pain no

strangeley I was comfortable. That is strange for me but awake kistening to all the night time / early morning soundss. Consequently it was a pleasure to come down stairs at 5.00am I woke the dog the dog looked very sheepishly at me =did not fancy padding up the garden in the heavy dew-

So I have been reading every ones blogs I have not been answering them however, I find myself described so well by so many/ I am now filled with morning pills and quite alert (no comments VG) for me. I feel better than yesterday so that is good. At the moment the sun is shinning and all is right with the world what a marvelous thing to be able to say. So it actually looks like spring long over due I know but there is nothing we can do with the forces of mother nature. My mantra for today is going to be Up and at them -why because I feel the need to achieve something this morning so I shall. I will not be beaten I shall call upon you all be positive we can over come be strong ! What shall I achieve well it may not be a lot I may tidy a draw or something matters not the point is I shall do it from the begining to the comletion of the task :)

When it is completed I shall pat myself on the back sit down have a coffee (we bought the wrong sort last week and it only makes strong coffee in a machine - I need instant\\\)

I have not eaten chocolate for three weeks and no biscuits etc so I feel much better - but I do love my chocolate my reward for doing things well why not! So may be OH will get me some :) he is good to me.

I have prattled on - have a good day guys dont let it beat you!!! xgins

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  • Is comment less ... Silent says not a word

  • oh I see well there you honey speechless sums it up haha xgins

  • Mornin!!! I have a busy day today. I am a give for World Book Night. I have twenty copies of Victoria Hislop's The Island to give away. I will be out in town this afternoon. It's market day so I should be able to find some recipients. I am not a stranger to going up to people. I used, for my sins, be a utilities sales door knocker and also did this in Tesco stores. Also I belong to an am dram theatre so used to approachiing folk with flyers.

    I am having a little book swap event heer at home this evening. Well at least, I have invited some friends, hope they turn up. I will get a couple bopttles of wine and some nibbles.

    I have a girl coming to help me do the hoovering and tidying so it won't be too stressful, her Mum is comeing tonight.

    Gins, I love the feeling of getting up to the dawn chorus. It's a beautiful time of day in the burgeoning spring.

    Got to see fi I can get another couple of shops interested in fibro awarness day on 12th may. Big supply of purple balloons to be purchased.

    Have as good a day as you can everyone. Remember, breath, if you get overwhelmed, seven breaths in and eleven out, steady for a few minutes. Look out the window and see the free stuff. Sun and birds and flowers. Consider the lilies.

    Love and hugs,

  • Pops in silently ... Looks at the free stuff contemplates..... Then leaves

  • Leaves are free stuff! Unless they're in poly bags in the supermarket! :)

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