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What does it really mean???

Hi sorry not really been on for a few days as just got busy. I had the results for my thyroid test and it showed it was a little high but the geniuses at the pathology lab never did the other test to see my t3 and t4 ( i think thats right) so back thursday for more tests. I have read up on underactive thyroid but what i would really like to know is what is it really like to live with and how does it work with the fibro??

All help would be greatly appreciated xx

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Check out this link.

It may or may not be connected with fibro. The best person to ask would be your doctor, they will be able to tell you if it is connected.

Piggie hugs xxxx


Found this info on an NHS website, it would certainly be worth discussing this with your GP as Piggie suggests above -

"Conditions that can cause fibromyalgia include:

metabolic disturbances such as an underactive thyroid - when the thyroid gland does not produce enough of the thyroid hormone"

It also says that several factors can combine to cause Fibromyalgia.

We had a discussion on Thyroid Disease and Fibromyalgia earlier this year, I hope you find this of interest. Please click on the link to access it -


I hope this is helpful to you. :)

(((hug))) xxx


(Reference -


Thank you ladies i have read both but i definatly had fibro before the thyroid as they test me lots over the years but i just wanted to know how it personnely affects someone as in how they deal exetera gues i didn't word it right hehe . But thank you again ladies xxxx


I have under active thyroid and as long as your tablets are correct dose then I personally haven't found it to bother the fibro, just keep blood checks to 6 monthlys as on alot of different tablets so dr wants to make sure all ok , don't forget you get free prescriptions for life with underactive thyroid, x


Thank you jue, been doing a lot of reading and i find it quite confusing at times. I'm ok with prescriptions as i live in Wales and they are free here. Take care xxx


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