what does this mean?

had my blood test yesterday and app dr had results back today which is a miracle in itself as i usually have to wait 10 days to get results. had to do this test as inflamentry results where high than normal so receptionist rings me and said drs seen the results and i need to have another blood test in 6 weeks time as the inflametry results are higher than normal! but thought that was due to the fibro si why am i still having to have the tests? surely the imflamation is due to fm?

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  • Hi Angied.....Most surgeries should receive blood test results actually within 48 working hours on the computer link! This is what happens in the Bournemouth area anyway and I can't imagine other areas are different. How soon the doctor is able to report on your results is another matter, but if you can have a phone consultation with your doctor he should be able to check on the results when you are on the phone with him if he hasn't seen them already. So this way you should be able to get your results earlier than the 10 days. Imflammation results (ESR blood test) could perhaps vary for you and this is what's happened this time so he wants them rechecked in 6 weeks. If you have any concerns or worries then I would book a phone consultation with your GP or go in and see him/her if you don't have phone consultations. Hope this helps a bit.

  • thanks nicki this is 2nd esr blood test that has come back high i thought it was to do with fm but just got told a minute ago that fm doesnt cause imflamation!

  • ill leave it til i have another test to see what that comes back as did see dr about 3 weeks ago about a rash on my face couldnt remember what she said it was but the cream she gave me didnt clear it up but just looked up lupus and there was a pic of a man with same rash although mine is just on my cheek and not as big!

  • Angied, a rash on your face could be a symptom of lupus ( butterfly rash) and seeing that your ESR is raised I'd phone Dr tomorrow and ask him for more answers. If we don't ask we don't get and all the Gp's do is to put everything down Fibromyalgia. Good luck xx

  • My doctor luckily knows about FM... I hear a lot of docs don't. Some doctors have never heard of it. My doc says that in FM the point is that the blood tests are ALL normal, meaning that the only answer left is FM.. I had low vit B12 when I raised that I still had all the symptoms of FM and now we know that is what it is and nothing else. So maybe looking for other answers may help.


  • Hi. The very same happened to me and I had to go back to make sure things hadm,t altered on their own. ESR is a test for other problems and in my case showed I hade Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I went to see him in the first place as I though it was my Fibro. playing up as I kept being woken up with like a banging in my head neck and shoulders. It was quite frightening at the time especially as I live alone. I was finally put on a course of steroids which are quite quick acting and it soon went away. Trouble is I think it may be recurring again but now I know it can soon be made comfortable. Wish they could control the Fibro as well. Best of Luck.

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