Is it really worth it ????

I will always support my local shops especially those that are just starting out but I have now reached the stage where I think "Is it really worth it"?? A new shop has just opened up near to me and they made a leaflet drop saying "You have tried the rest now try the best", So yesterday I popped in and it is a café. I tried to order poached egg on toast but I had to repeat myself 3 times and in the end I had to point to the item on the menu for the person serving me to understand what I wanted.

I really have nothing against those that arrive here to work, but surely in the service industry speaking and understanding English is a must in my opinion. After a wait of 15 minutes my plate arrived with what looked like 2 boiled eggs on 2 pieces of what I assumed was toast, it looked as though the bread had been shown the grill for 10 seconds and it was not nice to eat I did not complain but left after having paid the sum of £6:50p for the experience.

A moaner or a justified complaint ???? Have a nice day Ian :>))))))

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  • If you weren't satisfied I would say a justified complaint.Anyone working face to face with the public in my opinion , should speak the language the customers speak.Have a good day . Peck.🐤

  • justified complaint, you dont have to put up with that when your paying. its one thing saying nothing at a friends who has offered you food. but quite another in a place that is offering a service and charging you.

    and frankly the prices local shops charge compared to supermarkets, can we afford to use them ? i used to use my local all the time. i even became friends with them. they are lovely ppl and will still help me out in a crisis. but by using the supermarket i have saved over 2 grand a year. thats not something to sniff at.

    hope that helps.

    and next time moan and refuse to pay thats just not acceptable.

    hugs x

  • Justified complaint I agree with you and the price was dear I think you can get full breakfast else were for that take care ☺

  • Poor service is just that - no matter who offers it. Save your money and deal with shops who offer what you need, even if it is a supermaket. I use some of my local shops but not all. Was relieved when I found others who have avoided the same shops. One of these businesses has upped its game and has regained customers - including me. Hope you are having a good day. X Helen

  • Stop being racist! You could have made light of it and tried to help the person understand. There trying to make a living like anyone else. With a different approach and a bit of humour you may even have made a friend!!

  • I am not a racist never have and never will be I think you need to soak your head in a bucket of cold water you horrible person !

  • I always complain politely if food is not up to standard, how can people improve if they don't know they are getting it wrong. Also Usually get a rebate or some kind of offer to compensate.

  • Hi my friend

    I do not think it matters who the service provider is when you are paying, as you have the right to complain when the service and goods do not match up to expectation.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Justified!!

    You can buy eggs at the supermarket for 10p each and a slice of bread costs pennies so you have paid over £6 for very little service!

    Feedback to the owners is definitely needed if you go there again, (?)

    Enjoy you next breakfast treat, Maggie x

  • Hi Maggie thanks for your reply. I am deciding as to if I should continue posting here as I received a reply that told me to stop being a racist and that I should have given more time to the person who served me with her English. I am not now never have been and never will be a racist ! Some people really are horrible

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