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ESA what does this mean please

i got a letter this morning from ESA and don't understand what it means

it say they will pay me employment & support income support

but it also says i will have to attend work focused interviews

what does this all mean

why cant they send letter in a way we can understand

i rang the girls said that this would be assessed in 2014

please help me understand as i don't want to do the wrong thing

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This means you've been put into the Work Related Activity Group for ESA rather than the Support Group. Here's more info...

What is the employment and support allowance work-related activity group?

If you want to appeal, email and we can send out the guides from Benefits & Work for free.


Agreeing with Lindsey. You've got the same letter as I got. I have to go to the job centre every 3 months to meet with my support worker. She goes through how the last three months has been and as she can see I'm really not well she just sends me home and says she'll send me a letter with another appointment in 3 months time.

You may be sent to G4S for an interview but my job centre advisor told me to tell them no and come home - it's just a formality. Your job centre may advise you try doing a little bit of volunteering (at least that's what mine has asked me to do) to keep the DWP off your back. Basicly my advisor is stalling the system and I'm trying not to worry and trying to trust her.

Hope that helps explain things :)


yes thank you i did ask for the appeal form so lets hope

its a joke and our job Centre is nearly 10 miles away

if i appeal will they stop my Money??




I have no idea about the money side if you appeal. I just accepted what they'd given me at the time as I didn't feel up to fighting - better the devil you know for me.

I know other people that appealed and I think they had to go back to getting sick notes from the Dr and sending them in whilst in the appeal process but I'm not sure if that applies in your circumstances. It may say on the letter or within the bumf they send with the letter about money etc.

Hope you go on okay :)


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