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What does this mean ????

ok after my visit to rheumotology where she said there was nothing she could do for me and there wasnt any point taking any more pain killers (this is the nurse).

she said that i should have some more blood tests ,ive just looked at the sheet that i have to give the nurse at my docs ,

and it says clinical details, fibromyalgia,

low grade inflammatory arthropathy

anti ccp & rheum factor negative

test items ; L ,UE,FBC,CRP,ESR,

you lot are dead clever so i thought id ask if anybody had an inkling what this all means,obviously i have fibro but ive been told i havnt got any inflammatory conditions ,wish docs would explane rather than be all cloak and dagger like :)

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I haven't a clue lynz, sorry. Obviously I'm not dead clever lol :) Have you googled it all? xxx


i think i might get my daughter to ,im defo not dead clever lol :)

Reply the other test are all routine blood test as it looks like they tested for RA and thats negitive


see i told you lol :) thank you lally that really helped


thank you it has really helped :) xxx


Hi Lynz..

Looking at all of the letters it remindes me of building instruction on an Ikea Wardrobe, they dont make any sence to me what so ever LOL :)

Can i phone a friend,ask the audiance or go 50/50 ?? :)

Glad that there is somebody on here smart enough to get your answer :)



i know chorley :) they are a clever bunch


I wonder if L stands for liver they usually do a LFT liver function test


if you look up arthropathy, it is arthritis without inflammation!


oh well done ,i tried to google it and gave up on the mind blowing information that came my way ,thanks :)


if you google one day it might give what you are looking for, another day just rubbish sites. it is no where near consistent yet and also depends what words are used even though they might mean the same it is all daft to me!!


So she's said that actually you do have a low-grade inflammatory joint problem, even though the tests that have been done so far are negative. So she's sending you to get more detailed tests looking at inflammation.

The labtestsonline site that Christine mentioned is very helpful.


everyone is such a great help you can easily get confused with docs and what they say


about 12 months ago I had Blood tests, when I went back for my results I was told I have very high inflammatory levels and looks like I have polymyalgia rheumatica, which I've not got!!! He wrote me a prescription for steriods (pregnisilone) for 2 weeks, in the meantime I had an appointment with a neurologist, he asked me why I was on steriods so I told him my dr prescribed them for me, he immediately told me to stop them as I have nothing wrong with me and again was told the only treatment I need is to see a counsellor, I'd already been diagnosed with fibro and m.e the year before, the attitudes of these medical professionals are enough to put people off persuing a diagnosis, since that day I still don’t know why my inflammatory levels are very high because I'm sick of being made to feel like I'm making things up, I've never been back to my doctor about it because I feel stupid,

this post has reminded me about it and I think its time I went back to my Gp to find out whats going on as my health as gotten worse in the last 12 months.

Irene x


well i hope you can get it resolved ,make lists like i did it did really help me not be fobbed off by my gp even though i sat there sobbing lol i feel a bit more positive to day xxx gentle hugs


Anti CCP antibody stands for anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody. It is a protein produced as part of the process that leads to joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid factor (RF) is the auto-antibody (antibody directed against your own tissue) that is most relevant in rheumatoid arthritis.

'L' doesn't exist as an commonly used abbreviation, if you ask your GP what was meant, I'd love to know the answer :)


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