What does this mean?????

Ive just recieved a letter oloowing my recent appointment with my rheummy. He says my blood tests were normal apart from a very low vitamin D level. I need to take 1,000 units of vitamin D tablets daily. Now ive read on here something about this, is vitamin D deficency common in us fibros? It also says that it will ceratinly aggravate musculoskeketal pain and extreme fatigue. Does anyone else have this problem? Gentle hugs to you all x

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  • I do Im on calcium and vit d

  • ditto xx

  • I am on vitamind and calcium tablets. I started them a couple of months ago and i thought it might make me feel better but i am no different sorry. My doctor said that i shouldnt get my hopes up.

    I hope they help you :)

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Yes my rheumatologist put me on vit D too only been on them 2 days so will wait to say if it helps

    take care x

  • The symptoms of vit D deficiency are similar to Fibro so it can appear to worsen Fibro and Fibro can also mask the vitamin deficiency.

    Hope the supplements help you to feel better!

  • I do. Speak to your gp. My gp put me on 30000 mg for 10 days, this spikes your levels and then has time to settle then you have another blood test after a while to see if its settled well

  • My doctor told me that vitd comes from the sun but as I'm allergic to it I had to take tablets? All ur docs seem more caring about ur fibro xx

  • Just a side link to the Vit D deficiancy. My daughter, who doesn't have fibro, but does have vit D deficiancy, is having trouble getting it in the strength she has been told to take it. The Dr. says it's not prescribable and at the strength needed can't be bought at any chemist or health shop. She has tried on line, but they will only let health professionals buy it.i.e Dr or pharmasist. My daughter is a Midwife, so does know about drugs etc. At the moment she is having a friend send it to her from America. When she went back to see a Locum Dr. She said"Oh we used to prescribe it where I worked before". So, do you lovely people out there who need it, get it prescribed? Or do you have to source it yourselves. Best wishes Sue.x

  • hi i have a low vitamin d have been on the tablets on a year and my level is going up .also my nails have started to grow again my is getting thicker again also my hair on my legs and under my arm. i have had no side effects so will keep taking them.

    gentle hugs lyn[:))]

  • i to have vit def and take calcium tablets it seem that it is common with fibro pts do not feel any better taking them now for 6 months. also got throid problems life is good sxxxx

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