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Warning may cause damage!!!

I'm say here listening to my classical music being soothed and relaxed, Phoebe tucked up in bed, Paul is at work and Dukey curled up asleep and my mind wonders down memory lane.

This week i have managed to fall of the step into passage way and went over on my ankle again so for 10 minutes i lay there shouting and growling many choice words.. no one home to help then today i fell down the stairs a wee bit abnd hurt my back and the slid outside in the rain oh and burnt myself twice once from iron ( nice blister ) and then on cooker.

It's a wonder i'm still alive as i have been in 10 crash's one motorbike crash got pushed over a snowman and hurt my back, Had kitchen plinths fall on my head resulting in concussion and dropped the hoover on my head lol thats sounds daft as hehe i was cleaning the stairs and due to being a dosey mare i went from top to bottom hence dropping it on my head.

Yet through all this i have never broken a bone and only ever had stitches in my head well actually had tonnes but only the head was due to accident.

So if you ever see me take a wide berth because i'm a hazard to be around but i may cause laughter because only i could count my money coming down stairs at work and think i was on the last step so went to walk normally only to find my self flying through the air in frontward motion and ending up rolling across the floor only to hit the wall opposite, so embarrased. If that wasn't bad enough the next week i walk across the parade square and it's covered in snow so had just got a nice cup of soup from vending machine and was so looking forward to it only to do a full cartoon slip on ice, it's unnatural to see ones feet higher than your head hehe well lucky the soup flew away from me , well after laughing i got up with help from collegue to turn round and see the RMP's laughing out the window so i bow to them then walk one and bang down i go again.

So avoid me at all cost hahahah xxxxxxx

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Fibro does seem to make us rather clumsy. I remember once walking across a shopping square with daughter in the snow and sipped, skidding across the snow on my stomach in full veiw of all the Christmas shoppers. My teenage daughter just kept walking, muttering under breath 'you are not with me' But I had my revengef; the following year while on holiday, we were out one evening in Corfu and she was admiring the teenage bikers, hiring mopeds that were lined up at the side of the road, so engrossed was she that she didnt see the hole in the road. One minute I was talking to her the next she was gone, I just kept walking!!!


Lol i like it, Karma xxx


And I thought i was clumsy but I have ended up in a plastercast for my clumsiness lol. xxxxx


What on earth did you do. I like the to think the only reason i have never broken ought is due to my hyper mobility. I do break lots of other things tho :)


I was coming downstairs trying to carry the broken seats off four old chairs, trying to be of some use to hubby. I lost my grip and in a effort to not drop them I slipped off the stairs and then went sick as I heard the bone in my foot snap....ouch. That was some time ago and I was supposed to have a plate put in, 1st time I was full of cold so left in a plaster for a week, 2nd time I chickened out. After 4 weeks I had had enough of walking around in a pot, so I climbed on the cupboard, raqn some warm water in a bowl and hacked off the plaster lol. Took me ages but now I am left with a deformed foot as the bones never met up neatly. Oh well xxxxx


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