We all fall down - Well I DID! :-s

We all fall down - Well I DID! :-s

Good morning all - Gentle hugs.

I've had a bad couple of days - I fell down half the stairs the day before yesterday - my legs just gave out - and it's left me a tad more stiff and in worse pain than ever. :-(

My daughter came to "look after" me - but with her little son teething so bad and full of a cold - and herself absolutely frazzled and tired - I was looking after us all - not easy as you can imagine - she was so upset about it - She could not keep her eyes open and slept the 2 days she was here. I asked her not to come as I knew she was whacked out - and to be honest I knew it would end up with her sleeping - I think she has ME/CFS - I just wish she'd get herself a full medical - if not for her sake, then for my Grandson's.

As to my fall? It's not the first and I'm sure it'll not be the last - I'll hurt and ache a good couple of weeks more than I do usually is all - it's just a damned sight more embarrassing when it happens outside in a crowd of people who walk past as if I'm a drunken lush and not disabled - do they not see the ruddy stick I use?

Am away to put my feet up and relax as best I can in my bed and catch up on the DVDs I've not yet watched - and nurse my owwies! :'-(

Take care everyone,



Carol x

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  • bless you hope you get better soon yes you do just that lay in bed and watch dvd iy is what i am doing just sitting here doing nothing for 2 days i want to get well too love to you and your forthcoming bruises love diddle xx

  • Thank you and gentle hugs to you. I'm sorry you've been so unwell diddle. I hope you are on the mend now? As to the bruise? I sometimes get them - and I sometimes don't! Depends on what gets caught and battered in the "pile up" that is me at foot of stairs!

    Carol x

  • Ouch! you poor thing,

    but you've got the right idea, there's nothing better than a bed and dvd's, I cheat and have a flask of tea and a jug of juice and that sets me up for most of the day,

    You take care and look after yourself

    lots of hugs xxx

  • I have flasks traylou - one of tea - TWO of VERY, VERY chilled, filtered water and one of black coffee too!

    Gentle hugs, stay safe and warm,

    Carol x

  • Sorry to hear about your fall - ouch :( Put your feet up and have a good rest if you can :)

    Sorry to ehar your poor daughter is so under the weather. Has she been to the doctors?

    Hope you are both feeling better soon xx

  • Thanks catleigh - am resting as best I can.

    My daughter Never seems to get to the doctors for one reason or another - and the surgery is just a few yard up and across the road from her house. I think she's scared she'll be told she has Fibro and would rather not know. She'll not listen to her mamma now she's married and a mamma herself, silly girl.

    Stay safe and warm,

    gentle hugs and love,

    Carol x

  • oh dear you are in the wars!wonder why our legs give way?i say "our" cos mine do too,iv read others saying theres do!i have spine problem,but think its the fb,i was in one shop with hubby &my legs went bendy like atoy!dont risk it now always in wheelchair now!hope your your daughter&grandson get better soon,hugs take it easy xx

  • Oh lawdy lollypop! The way you said your legs went bendy has me chuckling! Sorry! And sorry too, that you are in a wheelchair - though I've a feeling I'll be headed for one before long. - I think my problem is connected to ol' Arthur Itis. He resides alongside a nerve in my neck and he nastily presses tight against the nerve. If I tilt my head forward - I get a heck of an electric shock through my whole body and out through my feet! Methinks a trip to my GP is now next to do when my owwies feel a bit better. Thanks for your good wishes for my Daughter and Grandson,

    Stay safe and warm,

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol x

  • Awww poor you hun,

    so sorry to hear you had a fall, i have had many over the last few years, and it's not good, for me it seems to take much longer for my bruises to heal, the last fall i had was ny on 3months ago, and it still hurts and still very tender.

    Your doing the right thing by resting up hun, and i wish you a speedy recovery

    love and hugs and well wishes xxxxx

  • Thank you jayjay, I'm still quit robust despite the fibro. No sign of bruises - though some really do linger! I hope you heal soon yourself.

    Stay safe and warm,

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol x

  • I am sorry you fell, sending love and hugs, god bless, xxx

  • Am sorry too susie!

    Love, gentle hugs and blessings to you!

    Stay safe and warm,

    Carol x

  • I really feel for you for falling in a public place.... I know the first thing I do is to look round and see who saw me lol The embarrassment and humiliation feel worse than the pain in that first instance lol

    Please take care of yourself!


  • Hello marion, gentle hugs.

    Oh, Lawdy! The embarrassment when falling in public is as excruciating as the fibro itself isn't it? Like you, and only after I find super-human strength - and energy - to scramble back up again - I look around to see if anyone saw me - They ALWAYS do! And as I get older now? I get helped back up! Hehehe

    Take care too marion.

    Love Carol xx

  • I once fell over on a zebra crossing - cars were backed up both ways. Was so embarrassing that my face was still humming an hour later!!

    Angel Hugs

    Lindz xx

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