Great start to the day!:)

Well I went to Morrissons to pick up a few things and saw they had a deal on ITune vouchers which I wanted to get anyway for my kids for Xmas they were down from £25 to £20. Took them to the till only to be told the deal had finished yesterday! Gutted. Then one of the lovely till ladies said " well you should be able to have that really as the sign was still up" so I still got my £10 off! :) some people are nice aren't they?

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  • I hope that your day continues in the same way! Jane x

  • Great result!!!

  • How lovely


  • A good start to the festivities, so pleased for you! :)

  • Awww bless her such kindness may be small and simple but definetly warms the heart. Xx glad you bagged a bargin xx

  • Oh, isn't it lovely when someone is kind and helpful? Bliss. It really lifts your spirits, especially if it happens on a day when you are really in pain and struggling. It also restores your faith a little bit in the human race! So pleased for you. Hope your children enjoy their gifts and that you have a good (dare I say....pain free) Christmas all together. Love and gentle hugs. XX

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