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Hiya all from greater Manchester

Just want to say hi to this new group I've found and joined , I have fibro and was only told by my gp last yr as I've been given various diagnoses , it all started back in 96 when I fell down a pot hole at work whilst wearing a metel framed ruck sack which went into my spine and left me with this fibro pain etc.

At the moment through my gp iam having phyiso to help me walk again as it got so bad I ended up in a powerchair to get about , which to be honest isn't good , in 6 mths I can now with the aid of crutches walk around my home slowly but still need to use the chair when we go out shopping etc .

It's nice to find people who share a common ground (fibro) as to be honest only we know what it's like on a day to day basis even through our loved ones try to be understanding.

Well that's a bit from me and again HI .

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Hi Whiterabbit and welcome to the group.

What on earth is your job, falling down a pot hole wearing a metal framed rucksack???? It sounds horrendous what happened.

Hope you continue to improve.

Sue x


Hello Whiterabbit as Sue says what was yor job and hope you can sue the socks of them.

What a time you have had of it,but yes you have found the right site.You will be able to rant about it if you want to,ask questions and get answers.and also have a laugh if you want to.

So a very big welcome to you.

Gentle Hugs Butterfly :-)


Hey whiterabbit, great site & great peeps, hope you get as much from the site as i do. Look forward to chatting Enjoy, Lou x


Hi peeps lol , I used to be a bus driver in my local area and I used to have a old ruck sack with a metel frame , and one night in January whilst the weather was bad I was talking to another driver and wasn't looking where I was going and my foot slipped in the pot hole( the busses used to push the gravel out and so every night the night staff used to fill it in for he busses the next day ) well I fell and in mid flight twisted and landed on my back which broke my 11th rib and fractured my 12th , the bus company didn't even get a taxi or ambulance I had to after I got a lift home from a work friend.

I took them to court and got awarded £30,000 but as I claimed benefits I had to pay back £28,000 so all I got was £2,000 and I was was only 26 yrs old .

So since then I have done voluntary work at local hospital until it got to hard for me to continue as the dept was was told I couldn't do any lifting but some how they forgot that lol , so next thing was working for mind as a duty officer whilst doing councilling course at college to be mental health councillor but I was beaten up at home and that ended that idea , then a few yrs later and moving to a new home my daughters started scouts and I was asked to help with "it's only 2 hours a week (liar) and really enjoyed it with camping etc but as normal the tell tale signs come in with burning pains and spasms which ment that I could no longer carry on and so was offered the position of district advisor in special needs in scouting, again loved it butagain I was getting tiredand the pains just kept getting worse and I started to fall over which ended in a knife going into my hand after falling and hence a powerchair.

lol I'll carry on writing later as my hands are sore so I'll write more tomorrow pepos.



hi there glad you found the group everyone is lovely here ,so welcome xxx


Welcome whiterabbit,

I'm in greater manchester too and quite new to this site, since being on it I've learned something new everyday and found it to be a release from my frustrations and stress from health care professionals who make us feel like crap!

I must say its helped me alot and I don't feel so alone anymore :) they have taught me so much not just about our illness but also good info on benefits, support and advice on treatment.

Its a treatment on its own just being able to talk to someone that knows what I'm talking about and understands every feeling I feel, ManyThanks to the staff and volunteers of HealthUnlocked :)

Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do

Irene x


Hi Whiterabbit, bloody hell you,ve no had much luck, hope it gets better with next installment. x ;)


Hi there white rabbit,

Its nice to meet you. :)

I hope you enjoy this site as much as i do.

speak soon, kel xxx


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