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Dizzy Spells/Going Lightheaded

Hi everyone,

It's me the pain again! lols. Has anyone else experienced dizzy spells or going lightheaded? Yesterday while walking up stairs I just seemed to stumble and fall and I went dizzy and felt really lightheaded. Luckily my husband also noticed it happen. I've gone dizzy again today just while standing up, I started moving towards my chair and managed to sit down before falling but I'd gone all dizzy. It's not something I've experienced much before and its fair to say that its a bit frightening for me. I take my time getting up from chairs and that, so I know its not to do with getting up to quick. I've not changed my meds recently either. Still on the same dosage.

I've got an appointment to see a gynaecologist tomorrow and I do wonder if it could be nerves? Can you let me know if you have any ideas of why it could be happening?

Many thanks in advance,

Kim (babebatista)

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I had this a few weeks ago ... I was just going to my gps after a week of it and volunteer Ladymoth mentioned it could be due to slight dehydration or a virus... So I drank a little more and within 3 days it was better .. Whether I was slightly dehydrated or it was a virus I am not sure...

If its making you feel really not yourself see your GP

VG x


Hi VG, I will do. I've become quite thirsty of late and have been drinking plenty of water. So will keep an eye on it and if gets worse will see my gp. Thank you for your reply. xx


Also get your blood pressure checked, babebatista. Mine keeps going up high & hubby's did too, so we're both on bp meds & have bought a home bp tester to keep an eye on it. Low bp can also cause you to feel faint.



Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for your reply. The doctor I saw today wants me to be screened for Diabetes, so I have to go and see my GP so I will ask her to check my bp also. Thank you so much again xxx


My first thought was blood pressure too/or anemia, as you've not changed meds. I do get light headed sometimes but usually just from moving too quickly and have never stumbled so do get it checked out if it persists.

Good luck with your appt tomorrow xx


Hi Mary D, will be going to see my gp soon, so I will ask her about my bp then. Thank you so much for your reply xx


I suffer this a lot, the feeling of going to pass out and being dizzy is sometimes frightening and has caused me to have panic attacks. I have not contacted my doctor about this as I feel I become a pain being over there so often but I have read it is common in Fibromyalgia but as of yet I have not come across anything to ease it


Hi Hog,

Like you I feel a bit like a pain at my doctors as I'm there all the time, but if I've learnt anything over the last couple of years, is that it is so important to see the doctor as we need ongoing care. If you don't want to go in person can you ring up for a telephone consultation? That way your doctor rings you after surgery and the space is opened up for someone else. Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate all of the help that I'm receiving.

Gentle hugs



Yes I have suffered from dizzyness and lightheaded feeling for 20mths....In March I was told I had fibro, and I may of got this from a virus that I may of not known I had. I have to be very careful when I walk around, and I cannot look up without feeling dizzy...



Yes I often have dizziness especially when feeling panicky, fatigued or before a migraine.


I have had lots of turns like that, sometimes five or six in a row throughout an afternoon and then they seem to vanish. They have not been when I have been anxious and I have been anxious at other times and not had them so I think it's more physical for me. I was diagnosed with benign vertigo but not given any form of treatment, sorry. I hope you get yours sorted out, ask your GP to refer you to a specialist. x


Hello, sorry to hear about your dizziness. But I'm experiencing light headedness and dizziness also going on 3 weeks now. My GP sent me to do blood work which all came back normal and just did a stress test with the cardiologist. That was fine as well. Two days after seen my general practitioner I went to urgent care to see if I could get some different advice and he checked my ears and noticed I had fluid in my ear along with some swelling . So he gave me a Steroid shot and steroid pills for four days, and meclizine 25 mg for the dizziness . But I am still dizzy. I guess my only other option is to go see a ENT .


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