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does anyone suffer regularly with sore ears?

suffer frequently with sore ears (mostly one -sided but occasionally bilaterally) and also sore throat.Am able to get one of my colleagues to check in my ears as I work in a gp practice but little/no inflammation to be seen. The pain feels quite deep in my ears and seems to occur on/around increased pain in my joints. Also I have mentioned that I feel I suffer with 'erythromelalgia' which seems to be becoming more unstable. A nasty flare occurred last night after drinking half a glass of wine ! ( very painful) ...Bad enough taking meds but am I going to have to give up my wee glass wine up as well? Is there no justice!! Seriously though, can anyone relate to any of the points I have mentioned and most importantly, has anyone also been diagnosed with erythromelalgia as well as fms?

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I have problems with my ears associated with another condition.

I don't know what erythromelalgia is, so can't help.



Hi Sandra, it affects the hands and feet, makes them go red and causes intense heat, I haven't got it, but I imagine that it s very unpleasant, sorry you have this lorib, sending you gentle hugs ....Dee x


Hi i get earache and my ear canal becomes incredibly itchy (Otitis media). I too have Fibro when I'm in alot of pain my body seems to go extremely hot.


that itch is eeeevil


Hi I'm also Sandra and used to work as a practice nurse, now got my ill health retirement. Pension.yes I've have had a few problems with my ears, used to get blocked a lot can get sore just before a flare up often just one ear affected and get sore throat on that side

Also one ear can become very itchy. I do get a very dry mouth esp at night, also have nasal spray as nose blocked . Often get ear pain right inside before I get a flare up or when I've overdone it, even though I've not done much


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