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Does anyone suffer with painful eyeballs?

Happy New Year to you all :-)

I have been suffering badly the past couple of days, finding it difficult to walk or get up and down out of a chair etc I am so stiff.

Not getting much sleep either as the pains are shooting up and down my body like electric shocks from head to toe and my heart feels as if it is either racing or missing beats, but what is really bothering me at the moment is my one eyball is so sore. It has been for a while now especially if I touch it through my eye lid, but now it also hurts to just blink. It feels like my eyeball is swollen!

Does anyone else get this? Does anyone know what can be done ro relieve it?

I am wondering whether to visit my optician, my last eye check was 12 months ago.

Any advice would be grateful


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I get blurred vision due to meds but most morning I wake up and my eyes feel really sore and itchy and if I rub my eyes my left one squeaks and creaks.. Then wears off..... Opticians say I am fine also my eyesight did change quite significantly recently had to have new prescription ... I looked on a fibro website and there listed was.... Sudden change in vision... I think it would be worth a check up at the opticians best to be safe than sorry

Hope that helps

VG x


Have you been checked for Glucoma? Go back to your optician just in case.


The meds we take for RA/Fibro will give you dry eyes and you will need drops to keep them moist.xx


it could be eyeritis , something i suffer with is very painful not sure if it related to fibromyalgia though .


Hi I had the same problem a few months ago. The pain worried me, both were affected. It hurt on the top of my eyes the most. I thought maybe a tear duct infection, it's quite possible after flu symptoms. Mine hung around for about 10 days, if it's a problem after that see your doctor . Good luck with that I hope you feel better soon x


You need to go and get this checked out and rule a few things out. I get a very painful eyeball from time to time so I know how you feel. Having Glaucoma in the family I had it checked out. They do not know why it is happening or why I lost the vision for two days either. But best to be safe than sorry xxxxx


ive had a prob with my eyes latley. they hurt quite a lot if i have a light on or on the lap top, or watch tv...but for about 2 wks ive had a bad pin in one eye.....they ache terable almost to a throb........the lights in shops are terablt brings on headaches with it......has anyone else sufferd with it.....


I get itchy eyes sometimes that lasts for days. I also get kalidascope vision which is really weird and can last for 3 or 4 hours. Its how I would imagine a fly to see as they have multi faceted eyes.

Hugs x


Hi all, thank you for your replies. I have an appointment at the Opticians this afternoon, so I will let you know what they say.



Hello Jules, you are doing the right thing going to the Opticians. Any pains like you describe are always important to get checked out. Anyone experiencing pain in their eyes please see your GP or Optician as soon as possible.

I hope you get on well today, please let us know how it goes.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



Hi again all

Went to the opticians, they noticed a temporal field loss in my eye and have written a letter to my doctor asking them to refer me for a ophthalmological opinion ASAP.



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