Does anyone here suffer with face pain?

I started getting this a while ago now. It's not always there and it's not always very bad but I can't find any info on possible causes etc. More recently I've developed an intermittent twitch under my right eye. Had it for about a week and in the last few days my left eye has felt sore underneath.

Obviously this is on top of the other fibro pains and tiredness. I have been doing a fair bit of late, it being the summer holidays.....alright that's not the reason, I'm just not very good at listening to the needs of my body and tend to overdo it all the time. *sigh* Just wondered if anyone else had the face pain at all or had any ideas. It's any area that has been mentioned to the gp but not really dwelled on.


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  • Hi Yes neuralgia in the face is well quite common side effect from Fibro but it is always good to check if the pain is terrible that it isnt something else - a tooth or infection. So opop to your Docs and see if it Fibro would not hurt. Paracetamol usually nobbles it hopeyou feel better soon xgins

  • Thanks gins, sadly paracetamol makes little to no difference to much of my pain. Additionally if I take more than a couple in any day I end up with a headache. Can't touch ibuprofen either due to my asthma. Totally sucks. Only thing I can use regularly at the mo is the Nortriptyline I get from the doc and that can only be used at bed time. :(


  • Funny you should ask that question. I was woken up at 4.40this morning by it. I find a co codamol shifts it very quick. Always seems to be on the same side of my face when it flares

  • Lol, yet another thing I can't take! Mine is both sides of the face, usually fairly consistently both sides in the same place. I need to find some other pain killers damnit.


  • Hi

    I expect you have but have you tried Ibrufen cream to your face and Bonjela to the inside closest to the pain. My wife swears by it when she gets the 'face aches'.

    Kindest regards


  • Hi

    My face does not hurt but if I touch it gently then I get a tingling sensation around the site of the touch, this is just my face and under my chin otherwise no pain in the face.

    I had this a few years ago when I had sinusitis and my face felt just the same. this has been with me for two or three years now and the doctors seem to shrug it off.

    Still just another symptom that goes unexplained.

    Take care and kindest regards


  • Sinusitis is nasty, maybe it's residual damage?

  • Good point, probably why the doctors take no notice then.

  • Hi i suffer from really bad unbearable face and jaw pain. I went to my doc's and he referred me to the specialist. They confirmed my doc's diagnosis which is TMJD (Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction) quite common with fibro sufferer's. Nothing attall helps the severe pain my doc gave me oramorph liquid on top of all my other meds which is alot. At the time i was also on a high dosage of Fentanyl patch and that didn't even touch the pain. I just had to wait until the pain went. I found that holding a hot water bottle on my face helped a little. I was that bad i could hardly talk or eat. Hope this helps and i hope that i haven't scared anyone. I still have to go and see my specialist every 3 months. xx

  • Hi

    Yes I have heard of that, it is really bad apparently, you have all my sympathy as I believe it is (another) one of those things they can't do anything about.

    Kindest regards


  • Poor you! Hope you're feeling heaps better currently.


  • hi

    Yes I suffer from TMJD, I have suffered from it for about 4 years , it was probably one of the first symptoms I had, before the rest of the pain and tiredness. I think it is the worse pain ever, I used to be in agony with it, but I am a lot better now that I am on Duloxetine 60mg,I was prescribed this at the hospital whilst attending a 8 week course on managing fibro.

    Hope this helps Joyce xx

  • I get face pain on and off as I have TMJ. Had it last night in bed, felt like toothache in all my teeth! Today my teeth and that side of my face feels very sensitive:(

  • Hi Mary Can tell me what TMJ is? I have an irregular feeling in the right side of my face and under my chin,it started when I was taking pregabelin so my doc put me on gabapentin I still get this cold tingly feeling but no-one knows what it is, just something else to worry about....... xx

  • TMJ stands for Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, my jaw has always clicked since I was a child really only on the left side but sometimes the right also. My dentist discovered I was grinding my teeth at night as they were wearing down! I do get jaw pain on the left side going right into my ear sometimes, but I am thankfully not as bad as I hear some people can get with this disorder.

  • I grind my teeth, have done for years, to the point that a number of my teeth are noticeably smooth edged....even the crowned teeth are the same, to the point the top white layer has been worn away to shown the silver underside. *sigh* Gladly,I don't have the pain all the time so I can be thankful for that.


  • I had an appt with an orthodontist yesterday to see if he could fix a front tooth that is out of alignment,as I hate my smile, he said all my other front teeth are worn down badly so he couldn't fix back the other one to line up with them or they will look wrong as it hasn't worn. he gave me a big list of what building up was needed and it would cost a fortune to fix, and I would need some implants too, then he could do orthodontic work on the out of line tooth...He's talking thousands!! Over 15! there is no way on earth, even with a pay plan I could afford it. He said he's not sure my teeth will last me another 20 yrs or more as they are so worn down, I'm 48, he told me the mouthguard I now wear EVERY night will help a bit, but who's to say if he builds up all the teeth I won't grind them down again, I can't control it I do it in my sleep!

    Anyway I couldn't in a million years afford what he's quoting so lets wait and see which lasts longer me or my teeth :D

  • maybe tmj or ya sinusis or trigimal neuralgia hun i suffer with these on top of my fibro tooo.... my face is painful most of the time and get pressure pain in head on bendin over, coughn etc... i have seen a ENT SPECIALIST for yrs n nothin they can do for me just another pain thing to ad on top of the fibro.. hads loads of ct/mri scans. just cos ya nose isnt blocked and full of mucus doesnt mean its not ya sinus... my nose has been clear of that for a while but i do get very dry and it all feels inflammed in there. have been given a very strong nasal spray and have to douch 3 timmes a day with salt water... n i find this has helped some what. speak to ya doc or buy a nasal spray over counter and see if that helps hun. may do or may not x


  • I've had a tingling sensation down the right side of my face and my right eye twitches a lot I've had blood tests done but don't know if it's part of fibro or not is this the same as you I also get a sharp pain through my eye had eyes tested nothing wrong

  • I don't tend to get tingling but I do get the twitchy eye (quite rare for me). Sometimes it's worse, sometimes better. My pain tends to be fairly balanced on either side of my face, which is different to the rest of myself, where the pain tends to be worse on the left. My cheekbones suffer the most.

    It probably is part of the fibro but speaking to your gp might help. :)


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