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Does anyone who has fibro for a while


Have anyone noticed that all muscles on arms legs even my breasts have all gone.. Feels very loose and very sore... Thank u x

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Yes, general weakness of muscles seems to be one of the symptoms of fibro. I find my muscle strength varies and the weakness flares up. I also have cramp like experiences which can last for hours and the only thing that eases them is to exercise into the pain rather than rest. I find fibro hard to live with. Yesterday I saw a phsyio about pain spreading up from my ankles and after a thorough examination he said that was due to fibro too! Keep active as much as you are able to, that seems to be the important thing - not easy I know when things hurt and fibro is often accompanied by depression.


Thanks for replying sue xx

Hi diane63

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I can genuinely relate to what you are saying here! My upper body muscle has shrunk incredibly and my calf muscles are constantly hard and painful.

I have pasted you a link below to the Oxford Journals who wrote a wonderful piece about this, so I hope that you find it interesting:


If this issue persists or gets any worse, it is always worth discussing it with your GP to see if there is anything that they can advise (i.e. physio) or offer you on medication terms.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Shazzzy in reply to TheAuthor

Thanks for thelink ken, i have always maintained that my muscles are individually weaker, an interesting read.

TheAuthor in reply to Shazzzy

Hi Shazzzy

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Thank you so much for that, I think it is really interesting and would indicate that Fibro is a very real entity.

Take care


Hi All

Thank you Ken I have just read the article you kindly gave the link to and found it fascinating as I thought that the muscle problems were caused through us not being so active as we used to be.

The article really is an eye opener for me and it is one I shall show my doctor next time I see him.

I do do some exercises as I really think that moving the body in most ways keeps it a little bit more supple and helps with general movement as well as pain reduction (unless I overdo it, which happens at times). But even with exercise all be it gentle my muscle mass is nothing as to what it used to be, I know some is age and some is lack of full mobility and now there is something else to blame for the muscle loss as well as the pain.

Take care and kindest regards


TheAuthor in reply to tettridge

Hi Terry

I hope that you are feeling well today? Thank you so much for that, it would indicate that Fibromyalgia is a very real illness! I would recommend that every one of us take a copy of this when we go to see our GP's and Consultants!

I will be starting my physio soon, as I had to postpone it due to my accident and surgery, so I will go into it with a new perspective?

Take care


I believe I have had the condition most of my life. Even as a child i was very weak and nothing has ever improved, apart from i now have a name to put to it!

I hate being so weak, esp when there are people much senior than me that have more energy! :(

TheAuthor in reply to fibro

Hi fibro

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? Just read your reply here, and it really struck a chord with me, as I really hate feeling so weak these days! It is the worst part for me.

Take care my friend

Ken x

fibro in reply to TheAuthor

I'm fine Ken, thanks for asking. Well, our kind of fine :)

i'm improving day by day compared to how I was.

I haven't been online as much as i have been, as I'm so shattered from doing my physio exercises various times each day, plus i have now gone back to having some Hydrotherapy sessions, I'm still shattered! Its been quite a while since I last went so my body had forgotten how much extra energy it needed.

I'm very determined though as I need to 'learn to walk' all over again. I just have to remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day!

I hope you are as well as can be and that you and your wife have a lovely Easter together xxx

TheAuthor in reply to fibro

Good luck with this my friend, I know it is not easy having to fight every minute of every day. But you are an amazing person with a lot of determination to succeed.

Take care

Ken x

fibro in reply to TheAuthor

Thanks Ken, your encouragement is a huge help too xxx

Yes and as for me I can not relax to sleep. It feels like my head and shoulders are in a vise.

Totally agree Diane63, some of my muscles have dissappeared completely, like the ones we sit on, standing from a seated position on a hard chair is excruciatingly painful these days.

fibro in reply to Shazzzy

Hi shazzzy, i know the feeling! However I find it worse getting up from a soft seat. Having recently gone through my second hip replacement, although i'm still too young to have had, had one done, let alone both, I am finding doing the core stability muscle exercises, similar to those given to new mums, much easier to do and concentrate on when using a more solid chair.

I doubt my 'sitting' bones/muscles will ever feel the same after being cut into, well they feel like they have! So I certainly know how you feel xx

Yep! Sure has. My legs and arms more than others I think, although my upper back has suffered muscular pain as well....I was worried it was my heart, but my GP said no, it was muscle! XX

Thank u all.... The pain today has been horrendous. What more upsets me is. If I gad a broken arms and legs. Friends would come visit or at least phone me. I never complain to anyone how I am feeling but sometimes if they ask I say. Very sore today but what can I do. They then don't come near for weeks. Grrrr

Hi Diane63,

I know what you mean. An arm in a sling, or leg in a plaster are easy for people to know what has happened and that it is temporary, if our cure was to be as simple as being put in plaster cast most of us would look like the mummy. :).

Our family/friends know about our health problem but we can feel we seem to come off as complainers, we are so worried about becoming or seeming to be hypochondriacs that we often don't explain our symptoms very well, and like me maybe, we can be dismissive.

We're not ready to be put on the kaput pile, and so when people ask we are dismissive or say "yes I'm not bad", people don't know how to comprehend constant pain over long periods, we can tend to feel that when we reply to others that they are kind of disinterested , our world kind of stands still, theirs is constantly moving and changing.

We are the brave ones, they just don't understand, we accept our limitations, if they could be put in our places for one day, they would be quite shocked, because we battle through, we do our most even though we know we'll pay for it in pain later that day or the next, but the next day is another day and who knows what will occur.

Don't be too hard on family and friends Diane, treat yourself if you can, if you can't pamper your self, try not to feel less of a person and make the most out of life.

Kind regards

Yes I've had it for 12 years and

I thought it was just age. This

fibro really does a job on our

minds and bodies!

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