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Does anyone suffer acid reflux?

My doctor is convinced I have this. I just wanted to compare symptoms really.

I have a pain/burning in my chest from my throat & down the front of my chest, I have problems swallowing sometimes, especially at night when I can wake up not being able to swallow (quite frightening sometimes). I've also got a constant sore throat which I know is another fibro symptom.

Can anyone help please??

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I did until I got prescribed lanzoprazole 30mg 1tablet first thing in the morning... I had heartburn really hot and burning and after eating would feel like something was stuck and the worst bit burping and bringing up food... Since being on these tablets I think I have had 2 episodes in the last three years and that's my own fault cos I know quiche brings on an attack but I scoffed some and paid later. Not had the constant sore throat though..

VG x


Thanks VG, did the pain feel sore as well as burning?


Yup in the chest when it was really bad only thing that helped before i got the med was actually being sick...

Hope you get something for it

I had gastracote liquid first but that made my dosulepin less effective so I switched to lanzoprazole and been fine since, except for the dreaded quiche

VG x


That's ok I don't like quiche :-) x


Hi Sarah,

This does sound like acid reflux. I expect your GP will have given you Gaviscon and/or Omeprazole to control it. If he hasn't, then ask him to prescribe something for you!

There are other things you can do to help:

Keep your weight down to a healthy level

Try to eat 'little and often' rather than having one or two large meals.

Drink plenty of water - 6 glasses a day if you can manage it.

Lower the amount of fat in your meals, especially in the evening

Prop yourself up in bed with at least three pillows

Don't eat anything much for two hours before bedtime. Just a small, light snack if necessary.

No caffeinated drinks at bedtime, though a milk drink may help.

Don't take any alcohol or spicy food until the problem has resolved.

Avoid strong tea and coffee. Cola and fizzy drinks upset some sufferers, too.

These simple tips should get you improved within three weeks - if the problem persists, then back to the doc!

i do hope you feel better soon - it's a miserable problem to have, especially at Christmas when there is so much rich food around, but you will feel better if you are careful what you eat. You're OK with turkey, veg, fruit and trifle, of course, but I would give Xmas Pud and rich 'trimmings' a wide berth this year - and if you drink alcohol go very, very easy!

Very best wishes for a lovely, if somewhat hungry, Christmas

Love, Moffy x


Thanks Moffy :-) that's really helpful.

Yes my GP prescribed Gaviscon and Pantrorazole to try for 5 weeks then I will go back and see him for a review.

Yes it would happen right at Christmas time! Never mind I need to lose some weight anyway so this has given me the incentive to do so.

I am also under a fair amount of stress at the moment too which probably doesn't help.

Thanks again, have a lovely Christmas too (have a mince pie for me!)



Did someone say mince pie????


VG x


You can have my share of mince pies too VG! x


Maybe 100+ mince pies VG! :P xxx


Yum thank you




I find that if I bend down then food comes up, this is my biggest problem. I take lansoprazole and this does help especially with the burning in the chest.

I do agree with all Moffy says except for the milk, for me that does kick it off. If I take it late in the evening then I have all sorts of pain and reflux.

At the pain management course there were three people there who swore by warm water, tried it my self but it did nothing for my taste buds, we are all different I suppose, with symptoms and taste.

Anyway try to forget it, stock up on Gaviscon or whatever works and have a good Christmas full of mince pies (sorry VG just slipped out)

Kindest regards



Hi Terry

Thanks for answering - it is horrible and I am stocked up with medicine :-)

Have a good Christmas too and I probably will have a mince pie................xx


Hu Sarah, I'm posting a link about acid reflux which gives some ideas on helping you when this happens and how to prevent it etc -

Hope this is helpful.

I hope you manage to have a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for a Happy New Year too Sarah.

(((hug))) xxx



Happy Christmas & New Year to you too Libs :-) xx


Yep me too, I take Lanzoprazole and gaviscon which does help, I also do all the things suggested, I used to take horlicks at bedtime but I find it upsets me even though I use the light one which uses water not milk, I read that you should chew your food 20 times which I have tried to do and it does help though I find it very difficult as i'm normally a fast eater which is no good! Christmas food is not very good if you suffer from stomach complaints either is it, everything is so tempting :-)


yes I have that with the added bonus of A hiatus hernia. Not nice and sometimes meds do not help at all if the hernia wakes up. I hate when that happens as it lies on the same nerve as the heart so mimics a heart attack. But obvioulsy I know it isn't as aheart attack does not normally last hours on end. But GP says at times I would not know the difference, GREAT. But you have had some great advice here and it is wise to follow it, especially the eat little but often tip xxxxx


yes, mine is much worse at night. I have recently been recording my sleep to see why im so damn tired all the time, (iphone app) and i snore but a soft snore, then i intermittently cough, but like a choke....and im moving around all the time. last night i woke up with acid in my throat...vile! i think the cough is acid reflux.... i did think it was because its the winter and the heating is on (dry air) but the way i cough is more like a choke...i do have allergies and cats give me asthma but im blowing 420 on the peak flow so its narrowing airway. i do worry about it...thinking cancer of the throat etc...get anxious and worry about it but i know its just another horrible thing with the fibro...but i do .need to lose weight, give up smoking and get well..

merry xmas and happy new year to you all.


Hi, I have a Hiatus Hernia also, my reflux is made worse if I eat Galaxy Chocolate in particular, I loved it! But not any more.... It's really aggravates the reflux & BURNS the back of my throat like its on fire. Is worse at night & can make me bolt up right it burns that much. It can also make me feel sick when I wake up, sore throat & burning in my stomach. I do have it under control now, I avoid sweets things, as that aggravates it, also pasta & rice. The doctor prescribed Domoeridone & that helps a lot. I take 1 when I go to bed. I can eat sweet foods in small doses as long as its infrequent. I'm sure by now you know what foods aggregates your reflux & just avoid eating it. It's worth it. The trouble is I have ate SO much galaxy chocolate over the years my body now says NO! I miss eating it :0( but hey ho!

Good luck & have a good Christmas.

Debs xx


hi everyone i was told after numerous tests that i ad acid reflux 8yrs ago , all the symptons plus hiatus hernia, on meds did help, but i got worse and 2yrs ago i ad numerous tests as i was so ill with pain and vomiting all the time totaly took over my life, ended up with ulcers ans was told my spincter muscle doesn't work properly, hence my acid reflux, i went onto get helicobactorpylori, 5times its a bug that lives in the gut, most of us av it , but for me it gave me lots of ill health and now i av been very unlucky and from the hpylori, i av been diagonosed with a type of cancer. in my mucosal lining of my tummy, i am now dairy /lactose free, and do find this along with lansaprozole helps with my reflux. so please take care and if it keeps happening nag your gp for h,pylori test. tc soma x my cncer is quite rare but for me i was one of the 5 percent to get it thro infection


Hi i think its all the medication we are on i have a hiatus hernia also angina mine comes on all off a sudden it mimics angina i also get a pain down my left arm if i phone nh twenty four they send an ambulance and take me to the hospital where they keep me in for twelve hours then they do a blood test too see if there as been any damage to my heart i try two tell them i suffer with fibro but they cant take any chances so what i do now is make sure i take my tabelets with milk if the pain does come on i take gaviscon right away also my spray for angina i am on morphine mst also tramadol for break away pain also baclofen and when its realy bad oxicodone also my gp said vitiam d is bad for reflux but i swear takeing milk helps when it comes onn my gp agrees hope this helps good luck and a happy new year carolx


when i do manage to drop off to sleep, i frequently wake up vomiting and choking on it, which is terrifying. During the day the reflux isnt so bad.


Yes I have silent reflux with all the symptoms that you have described and have to take gaviscon 4 times a day which helps.


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