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Does anyone suffer from lightning flashes?

My warning signs of an attack are lightning flashes in eyes. This last time the flashes were in colour - very pretty - and lasted around 15mins.

When my eyes are closed the flashes are quite small but when open they grow quite huge....they are like a very bright and dazzling, jagged arc with shooting stars.

After these flashes I get very tired and either get bad headaches or bad stomach and for the next few days feel tired lethargic and hurt everywhere.

I've been told by my optician that there is nothing wrong with my eyes and it might be an onset of a migraine..

Is this another phantom symptom of Fybro...if it's phantom why does it hurt so much?????

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I would really see your G.P renrobin.If all was right with your eyes,then it doe`s sound like the onset of migraine.

I get zig zag patterns,pin pricks of light flashes and sometimes it`s as if I lose vision in half my eye.

Sometimes it will only develope into a bad headache and like you I always get an upset stomache.

Unfortunately I can`t take medication for this



I didn`t want to be the first to say it,and I will probably get the spelling wrong.

But it could be what is called Petit Mal a kind of epilepsy,so please get it checked out hun.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxxx


Sounds like migraine with aura (you don't have to get the headache bit); ask your doctor though.

Julie x


Thank you for your replies and advice. I'm going for a full medical MOT next month and will mention it to the nurse then


Hopefully it will just be Mr Fibro making itself known!!!!

I've just googled the Petit Mall and don't think it's that, also I only get these flashes occasionally - but when I do it can be alarming.

Love and hugs

Ren Robin xx


Hi, love your profile pic, lots of smiles:)) It's really good that you're getting an MOT, it probably is a migraine but it's best to get checked out. I too suffer with flashes and other visual disturbances, I understand it's a fairly common fibro thing.

Think about getting a second opinion from another opticians too, it's very rare but things can get missed.


Oh thank you for your reply, I was hoping it was just a fibro


A migraine is caused by a blood vessel in your brain going into spasm, this can really kick your body out of sync so I am not surprised you are tired and unwell afterwards; I have a history of TIA's (cause is a blockage in the brain but symptoms are remarkably similar to an aura migraine) so I know exactly how disconcerting and exhausting these can be.

There are a number of medications for migraine but whether they sit happily with your current meds is another issue altogether.

Julie x


Thank you for your reply...

I must admit that I don't tend to get the migraine pain after these flashes but on the safe side I try to lie with my eyes closed and take it steady for a while.

Funny how it always makes my fibro symptoms get worse...

Ren Robin xxx


Hi renrobin,

sounds familiar to me...cluster headaches, i had them and they started out the blue, although i think it was either hormonal or stress. lovely zig zag firework type lights. made my eye socket go numb, and lasted anything from an hour or so to a few hours, A total pest.

they're not as fierce as migraines, but something you should mention to your doctor. get a professional opinion.

take care

Jan xx


Will do Shortnsweet, thank you for your comments.

It's amazing how we suffer from different things and it's all to do with Fibro.

I'm waking up every morning with a bad headache and although I take Zydol with 2 paracetamol every 4 hours the headache won't go!

So much for painkillers.

I blame the weather - and maybe the Government He He !!!!


Too true renrobin, i went to my docs about something and said i don't know if it's fibro or not and don't automatically want to assume everything is...turned out to be arthritis.

If it is cluster headaches or something like that normal painkillers don't necessarily work it's more stuff to open the blood vessels that are needed.

oh i blame the weather and the government for just about everything lol

Take care and keep us posted,

Jan xx


Funny that, I was the other way around, Doc thought it was arthritis, turned out to be fibro!!!

Blaming the weather is a British quirk, politicians are something else and well deserve the blame;)))


Hi I had lightening flashes for some time a couple of years ago, I started to get quite worried because I started getting dizzy spells with it and feeling like I was going to pass out. Coincidentally I watched a programme on Dementia ( we have a few in our family) which advised taking Vitamin CQ10 and Selenium I did not connect the two at first but after a week or so I stopped getting my eye lightening ~ could be coincidence but I have kept taking it and the eye thing has never returned nor have the dizziness.........x


It makes me feel a lot better when I know I'm not the only one who suffer these frightening symptoms.

I will take these as I think that vitamin deficiency is a cause of a lot of problems.

I am cutting down on the amount of meds prescribed by my GP as they don't take away my pain I think the natural way is best...

Thank you for your reply sending you lots of soft hugs

Ren Robin xxxx


Hi renrobin,

haha one thing on here, you can be sure someone else is feeling the same way or has the same symptoms, and i mean that in the nicest possible way.

Hope you feel better soon and get sorted. good luck with cutting down on the meds, all of a sudden you realise how many you are taking..and some just to counter the side effects of others.!!

take care, hugs

Jan xxx


Thank you Shortnsweet54,

One day will they find something to help us all?


you're welcome,

sincerely hope so, seems the medical world don't quite know what to do at times, although i've read some interesting research going on in the USA

any help is better than non,



Hi renrobin,

Sorry you are getting these horrid things, like others I have experienced symptoms very similar to yours, mostly they lead to a migraine for me but I had a spell some time back where I would get all the auras etc but then no headache but just felt completely whipped out for several days. I also got some other weird symptoms with numbness in my face and arms and an urgent need to pass water frequently (like every 5 mins - weird !! )

I have had fibro for ages and my GP thinks they are certainly (in my case) linked. I take an excellent drug now for the migraines - Maxalt (rizatriptan) which just goes into the side of the mouth and is absorbed quickly by the blood vessels there, so no hitting the stomach and being rejected which had happened with other drugs. Best you have your chat with your doc and I hope you can find something to help you with this.

muchly Dottii x


Thank you for your reply, Dotti.

I am getting slightly alarmed at the amount of meds I'm currently taking and if you have read my other blog about Co-proximol, found that just this one drug took away all pain and made me feel like a human being.

Soft hugs, honey, Ren


Hi again renrobin,

I totally understand your alarm about meds....I am the same ...feel like a walking pharmacy......eeek I wish co-prox had done it for me - I am on MST which I have to up and down according to pain levels, I have also had a spinal fracture which makes it presence known every so often so oramorph and diazepam if I go into spasm and then all the other silly ones for this and that. I tried pre-gabalin and gabapentin neither of which helped the fibro at all and made me really unwell - I suppose we all have different reactions to meds, but its a case of finding which works best for you.

Gentle hugs and enjoy the sun if you can - it's certainly helped me feel a bit better today :-) muchly Dottii x


Hi again Dottie, not been feeling well for a couple of days and don't feel like sitting outside, which is a crying shame when the sunshine is so rare.

If I could get co-proximol ( distalgesic) I feel that my problems would be halved and could carry on with my life.

Gentle hugs to you


I know what you mean rebrobin, I thought I would want to sit out but the sun can trigger migraine for me - bright lights etc... that I have stayed inside apart from having to go out to get some groceries. We've been just so sun depfrived it is good to see even though not sitting out in it !

More gentle hugs, muchly Dottii x


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