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Right am well p...ed off sorry for that guys! But been to the Docs having my blood test done next week for Vit D levels and this new Doc has told me if its low then I will have to buy Vit D myself, ermmm I thought that you could have injections on the NHS or the tablets?? Am fed up to me eye balls of being fobbed off by one and another, if its not the DWP its DLA now the Docs! No wonder folk just give up cuz thats just how I feel :(

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  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so fed up, but not suprised. This doesn't sound right to me. I was given Vit D on presecription. I have since started buying my own as it works out cheaper, but if you don't pay per prescription then obviously that wouldn't apply. It sounds like that particular GP is very cost-conscious and thinks you are only having the test done 'for fun'. Maybe he/she doesn't know about the link between Vit D & fibro, and also how serious low levels of Vit D can be. Hopefully you will see a different doc for your results, and they will be able to give you a prescription. Just try and avoid that particualr doc if you can.

    Good luck


  • My blood tests have shown that my vit d levels are low, and because i pay for perscriptions, i found it cheeper to buy without perscrption. I also did not no that my low vit d levels were linked to fibro, is this quite comman?x

  • My vit D levels are low gp told me that for some reason, people with fibro tend to have lower level than other people but when i asked him why he laughed and said "to be totally honest i havent got a bloody clue, but in the future when everyone knows more about fibro it will be answered then." x

  • every one who has fibro is low in vitamin d. they give you ad-cal my consultant at hospital told doctor to give me them at 2 a day. xxx

  • Hi, I had low vit D levels. Was given tablets by doc, but I was also told to STOP drinking coke cola, as it contains 'Phosphoric Acid' (as do several other carbonated drinks). She told me that Phosphoric Acid stops the body absorbing vit D. Since avoiding anything with this in it my vit D levels have improved dramatically.

    Very lucky to have such a caring GP, she has several FMS patients & is constantly trying to find out what helps us best.

    If you get free prescriptions you should ask your GP to prescribe you vit D tablets, I was on a very high dose for 1 month then reduced down to normal levels that are in my multi-vits that I take daily & buy from my local pound shop (live in the UK)

    Good Luck :)

  • I've been reading about Vit D and fibromyalgia. It's known to control pain but it needs to be taken in conjunction with calcium in order for your body to be able to metabolise both of them. On a recent visit o my GP I asked him about being tested for Vit D but he told me that on the NHS they only liked to do it if you're thought to be at risk of osteoporosis, but he would look into getting it done for me! I take Vit D supplements along with various others and get them from one of the major supermarket chains who do 3 for the price of 2.

  • I get Adcal-D3 on prescription. It is a combination of Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin D3. I was never told to buy it myself. As I have had underactive thyroid for 16 years I don't pay for prescriptions.

    My initial prescription was from Rheumatologist, but my doc gives the repeat prescriptions, sounds like your doc is penny pinching

  • My vit d levels were untraceable but I was told to buy my own tablets for it. I've just had bloods for a retest but my body feels like I need it again. X

  • Thanks to you all for you replies. Just feel like i`m going round in circle (well nothin new there) as these Doctors of mine, and may I say not my normal Doctor as he has left the practice! Have sent a letter to the DLA stating that I dont have difficulties with walking or every day life! What s..ts they are. Dont know where to turn anymore, running out of who to go too for help! Its thanks to them I will now loose my low rate care. Its plain to see I struggle big time you only have to look at my face (which isnt anywhere near a picture of a healthy body) I look like someone has punched me in my eyes they are bruised in the corners and underneath. Jus so fed up with it all :(

  • i have recently been advised by the hospital that my D3 is on the low side at the moment and to get into the sun !!!! i have asked GP to prescribe something but he says that they do not give prescriptions for this x i will put it to my fibro group and my OH tomorrow and see what they suggest x

  • hi the doctor can give you vitamin d they are called ad-cal .i have them 2 aday for life now. ask your doctor again. gentle hugs lynxx

  • Thank you all and rosylyn I will be asking for them after my blood tests next week x

  • You can get Vit D on a script so why are you being told you have to buy them if needed. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard to date xxxxx

  • I do a pre payment and now have to take ad cal vit d for life also...Just changed to the soya free ones as I seemed to get a reaction from the normal ones. I had hospital perscribed tabs in the first instant to give my body a boost..I had been in so much pain prior to a few months on the vit d however I feel better now though still painful at certain times.

  • Thanks Ozzygirl64. My Doctor that left my surgery said I could have them on prescription but now I have this new Doc shes said a deffo noooo. Bloody redick FED UP BIG TIME x

  • if i were you, i'd see another doctor. you most definitely can and should get vit d on prescription.

    low vit d levels are linked to a lot of major illnesses. there are thousands of vit d receptors throughout your body and in every organ, so no wonder low levels can make you very seirously ill.

    unless you work outdoors in very warm climates, for 10 + hours per day, chances are you're likely to be vit d deficient.

    the real issue is that what is classed as deficient varies in different parts of the world.

    I've been told my calcium levels are brilliant, but i take my vit d meds with a multi vit that contains magnesium as you need that to absorb the vit d. I'm also on iron for anaemia, so the vit c in my multivit is good for the absorption of that too.

    i'd say go see another doctor and get your levels checked again, and insist that you get them on prescription - unless it works out cheaper for you to buy them yourself, of course.

    I'm in Scotland so we get free prescriptions, don't know what i'd do without that!!

  • I personally think the GP might have meant it would be cheaper to buy your own Vitamin D than pay for a prescription costing over £7. That's my interpretation. Of course I could be wrong?!

    Perhaps try speaking to your GP again to clarify. :)

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