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I read on here that alot of you are on /or recommend vit d and calcium tablets so i went to superdrug today and bought 120 for £3.49p and will start to take them tonight so hopefully thy will do some good . I have checked with pharmacist that it is ok to take with meds i am on so i suggest everyone checks with theirs tooor their GP to be safe and lets see what happens will keep you informed and hopefully it cant do any harm love diddle x

love Diddle x

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so sorry that was meant to say do any more harm lol dont know what happened there lol love diddle xxx


i am taking the vit D as well Diddle, mr Dr. said exactly the same, lol "cant do any harm" :) and he also said "the body doesnt store vit D very well. xx


ive got vit d defeciency so i take as well xx


I hope it helps you,

i dont know if it is just a good phase i am going through but i have been to my sister in laws for a cuppa tonight and i never do that lol.

But i actually think these vitamin d tablets are working, well i hope it is. :)

kel xxx


Would be interested to hear what you think of these tablets after you have taken them for a few weeks Diddle, as you say, anything is worth a try.xx


Hi Diddle,

I am on Vit D, the Dr said that if you are low on Vit D then your pain will be a lot worse. I am also on Folic Acid, the Dr put me on these a few years ago bcoz my arm went numb for 3 days and my legs used to go numb as well. I have been reading up on a lot of Vitamins. Vit E is supposed to be really good and also Q10. Ive only just started taking the Vit E so will let you know how I go on. All these Vitamins you can get from your Dr if you do not pay for prescriptions. I know they are not expensive but if you are buying a few different 1's then it does mount up up. Hope this helps. Angel :-)



Sorry, but I just had to leave a comment folks. Yes there is evidence that a lack of VitD can cause painful muscles etc ( there IS a lot of research being done about this very subject at the mo for FMS/ME). But..and it's a big BUT..PLEASE, PLEASE, be careful with just buying them over the counter. Just popping into Superdrug and buying a load of calcium and VitD is not really a good idea( infact it's a BAD idea. Full stop!) and who ever said on here that they ''can't do any harm'' is not very informed!) First of all, if you are in need of these extra Vits then the place to buy them would be Holland and Barrats. They have a 50% sale on at the mo..all the the staff are qualified to show you how to take..when to take etc. I said, be very careful when taking these supplements!!! It's VERY easy to overdose! And most people DON'T need to be taking them. I know it's hard..( FMS sufferer myself) but all you need is 10 minutes of daylight ( The sun doesn't even have to be shining) to get enough Vit D your body requires per day...have a coffee in the garden.. if you can. Also too much Calcium is VERY harmful for the body! Please, please, please, I urge you some research...also talk to your doctors and get checked our for Vit D and calcium deficiency FIRST!

I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade here..I just want you ALL to be safe.

A couple of supplements I DO recommend though ( and these are harmless and have been proven to help) are :

Milk Thistle. ( drop form or tablet form)

Milk Thistle is really good at de-toxing the liver. Because we take a lot of medication ( tablets, lotions and potions) There are a lot of 'extra' chemicals that are used to bind the medications together. ( for example co-codamol has a binding agent that hold the two components together Taking Codeine and Paracetamol separately; I've found not only works better but also is less constipating!..also, when having 'good' day's you can cut back on the codeine etc)... all of these chemicals get cleansed out through the liver..and because we take SO many drugs..sometimes the liver can't keep-up. Milk Thistle is amazing at helping to clear away the backed-up chemicals. ( I even tell my mates who are well and like a tipple or two...take milk thistle to help clear out the booze the next day.)


If you're not a fish eater...oily fish that is. Then a supplement help with so many tihngs... ( please feel free to research - in fact, I urge you ALL to have a good look at the above sups) Omega helps with concentration, sleep, heart and a whole host of other healthy benefits

Vitamin C

If, like me, you're a smoker. Then I highly recommend Vitamin C. (1000mg)

When you smoke ( my only enjoyment..and one I shall conquer one of these ) Smoking depletes Vit C at an alarming rate! Vic C is one of THE most important vitamins in the whole body! infact, with out'll not only get scurvy ( yeah..I know, that's one thing we all remember from school, right? lol) but it's vital in aiding ALL other vitamins/minerals to be absorbed into the body.

The good thing with VitC is you can't overdose on it. The body takes what is required and mealy flushes the rest out through the kidney's when we pee. Also, I suffer many things..but colds and flu are rare for me..because I've taken VitC for years.

There you go, 3 supplements I can't recommend highly enough.

Just make sure you buy them from a proper health store, because then you know you're getting the proper thing and proper strength ..I'm not advertising here, but Holland & Barrats have a 50% sale and often have 'Buy one get one for a penny etc campaigns.

Just remember....always talk to your Doctor or chemist that you know that even the supplements don't interfere with your other meds.

Cheers, ma'dears.

Love'n'hugs all round.


Please read this......


and this about calcium od'ing...


This is am amazing article on Omega3 and Fybromyalgia


Thankyou for all that write up and your helpful advise i have looked at the links and again thankyou it is very important that each individual talks to their own GP when starting to take new meds to make sure they are suitable to take with the ones they are already on so thankyou again and it was all very interesting love to you diddle x


diddle, my pleasure hun. Like I said, I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade...I just you all to be careful. We all take a large amount of prescribed drugs so when adding to the pot....well, you gotta know what you're doing..

*gentle hugs, all round* :)


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