Well yesterday after reading on here alot of you take vit d and calcium are really good i bought some and took mty 1st 2 last night

, i went to bed in pain and was doing the usual til the early hours and next thing i know a text message woke me up !!!! and it was 6.45 am i cannot believe the last time i got up at that time i am normally wide awake and up between 4 am and 5,30 am and the only thing i done different was take the vit so i dont know if it was coinsedence or what but thats what happened lol

i will probably pay for it tonight and be up pacing all night but i jus wondered if anyone else had this happen it is a miracle lol love to you all diddle x

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  • MOrning diddle,

    Its about time you got a good nights sleep. :)

    I am not sure if vitamin d would help sleep but hey i hope you get some tonight too.

    I was one that was awake cnstantly through night and i feel like c**p this morning with everything so sore.

    But i cant complain as i dont have many nights awake now. :)

    hope you have a good day.

    kel xxx

  • My doctor put me on Vit D on Monday. Don't feel any different yet. didn't sleep much at all last night in fact but that was 'just one of those night' I'm sure.

    I hope to feel some benefit soon.

    I was out all day yesterday and I've been out this morning too so I'm shattered now but wanted to catch up on here :). xxx

  • Hey Diddle, if they work that good get me a bucket full!! Keep us informed of your progress, Angela xx

  • yeah will do prob have awful night tonight love diddle x

  • Hi Diddle, i have done the same as you and went out and got vit D & calcium today!

    The reason i got them is to make my bowels work, think someone mentioned in an earlier blog that they had helped them so fingers crossed.

    I dont need them for sleeping as my amitriptyline knocks me out cold nearly every night, unless i have a bad flare up, anyway hope you get a good sleep tonite again. :). xx anne

  • yeah same i got them for bowels but added bonus of doing my body good love diddle x

  • They actually made me constipated, the Vit D & Calcium I got from the GP. In fact two lots. She prescibed them after I was found to have a Vit D deficiency which is associated with Fibro. I can now only take them when I have IBS, lol. The sun is best form of Vit D.

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